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  1. A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    I'm not moving to MZ ASAP because of the plugins. It will start with a zero amount of community made plugins, even if the code is similar, there won't be 100% compatibility. My game relies on plugins heavily. Maybe, if there's an automated tool for importing MV projects to MZ (it's highly likely...
  2. What counts as insults or extreme dialogue, and in what context?

    My favourite thing to use in RPGs is unusual minced swearing. For example, the words for "b***h" and "pike fish" sound similar in my language, so I can throw in phrases such as "son of a pike fish" and people will understand what I had in mind, without using the actual expletive.
  3. Where you drew inspiration from in order to create your games?

    Other JRPGs like Final Fantasy, which is obviously my biggest inspiration. Fantasy books such as LotR, The Witcher and Keeper of the Swords.
  4. RMMV Help understanding steampunk music!

    What do I understand as steampunk music? It is composed of two elements. Element 1 is period music from circa 1880-1910. Genres such as ragtime and klezmer, orchestral pseudo-classical music and opera-style singing. Element 2 is rock, industrial and noise, it adds a touch of modernity to period...
  5. How do you make a timeline for your world(s)? [Survey]

    Considering the questionnaire: 1. How detail is your structure? The Terra Firma History Dump file really is a mess. It is organized by historical ages: what happened in the First Age of Light, what happened in the First Age of Darkness, the Second Age of Light, and so on. 2. Does your world...
  6. How Much Backstory Should I Include and how far you go back?

    There's a History So Far dump file for Terra Firma dating back to its creation in the beginning of time. However, it's developer only and it is never dumped on the player; the player must acquire lore from talking to various NPCs. For example, on Disc 2, there is a quest where the heroes must...
  7. How do you codified your world rule of the reality as reminders for yourself?

    1. Do your worlds magics exist? Yes, magic is what makes Terra Firma exist as a flat world in a sea of World Ether surrounded by floating islands. 1.1 When someone uses magic, is there free or there is a price to pay? Usually, the price is Erg, which is Terra Firman fancy lore speak for MP...
  8. Creating a Short yet Effective Tutorial

    I have two tutorials. One is short, fun and interactive, and consists of the first three heroes going through a couple of easy battles and exchange banter that hints you how to do things. As in "Ouch, Mira, this Blobra just hurt me!" - "Don't worry Oscar, I'll cast Elixi on you right now!" -...
  9. Game romance that's not your type?

    I am not prone to identifying myself with a single character, so I'm all for all kinds of romance. However, I, as a heteroromantic ace, am more interested with the more platonic aspects of romance. That's why I'm a rabid Clerith shipper: it's so beautiful and tragic and ended with them separated...
  10. 32 bits or 16 bits ... why?

    32 all the way. My game is 2D but it is not retro and I attempt to make it as hi-res as possible.
  11. Immortality and Sealing the Big Bad

    Well, I solved the problem of "what to do with the immortal BBEG" by introducing a pair of legendary swords, Masamune and Muramasa, that ignore immortality and can slay any being except for the truly supreme beings of cosmos and chaos. The BBEG wields Muramasa and uses it to murder gods. The...
  12. What are themes in your RPG game(s)?

    The main theme of Legend of Terra Firma is Technology vs Magic. The coming world of reason, science and organized human society vs the dying world of gods, magical monsters, elves, dragons and prophecies. It's a common theme in fantasy to sympathesize with the "Magic" side going back to Lord of...
  13. How do you make a timeline for your world(s)? [Survey]

    I wrote a basic "History So Far" doc file for Terra Firma detailing its various Ages, Dark Lords and heroes who defeated them, notable personages such as Grimwand the Legendary Dark Knight, Nels Crimmon who married the elven princess, Isenstan the Blizzard the noble brigand riding a black...
  14. Flat or % Based Buffs/Effects?

    Percentile all the way. My states usually Do Things beyond simple buffs/debuffs, but if they do buff (for example, the Berserk state buffs attack), they use percentile formulas so they scale with the characters. I don't use multiple stronger versions of the same state.
  15. The Value of Caster Weapons

    I went the Final Fantasy IX way and made my books and staves teach skills to their users. So, Krible needs that shiny Golden Staff to learn the sweet, sweet Mortelectro (Thunder 3), and Melle can't get her Exelixi (Cure 3) without the Book of Lore.
  16. JS Snippets Thread

    Public Service Announcement: you can use meta data in Lunatic code snippets, just like you can use it in plugins. As an example, I'll post my Lunatic snippet for a final attack / death counter attack. This assumes you have Yanfly's battle core and Buffs and States core. If you don't use Yanfly...
  17. A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    ave36 casts Berserk on herself! I am still not finished with converting my VX project to MV fully, and now another RPG maker? I guess I'll ignore it altogether like I ignored VXAce. I will not touch it until I deliver a complete version of Legend of Terra Firma on MV. Unless it will be similar...
  18. Tonberries, and how to create them using assorted Yanfly plugins and lunatic scripting

    Addendum: an alternative damage formula for Everyone's Grudge is $gameVariables.value(44)*100 + $gameSystem.winCount()*10 + 1. This formula takes the amount of non-Tonberry battles won by the player into account, but with 1/10 the weight of a dead Tonberry.
  19. Degree of Character Customization

    I have two dimensions of character custimization: Class abilities and Avatar junctioning. The former is a rather rigid progression of abilities, but you can change the order in which abilities are learned. You can't change class, for example, Oscar is a Black Knight who casts Blind, Silence and...
  20. Elemental Advantage

    The mechanics in my game is analogous to classic Final Fantasy games: hitting an enemy with the correct element allows to deal twice the damage, while using an element it is resistant to deals half or no damage, or even heal the enemy. Usually the elemental affinity of a monster is obvious: if...

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