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  1. TheGeneral50

    Trying to implement Enemy Chase?

    Yep, that did it, not sure why so many RPG Maker VX ace tutorials suggest adding so many events to get those outcomes.
  2. TheGeneral50

    Trying to implement Enemy Chase?

    Hello everyone, trying to figure out another minor game bug issue that I want to correct before moving forward with my Game Prototype testing? Right now I'm working on having enemy npcs chase after the protagonist character in my test stage, however, I'm having two weird issues occur. First, the...
  3. TheGeneral50

    Timer Not Stopping?

    Yep that fixed it perfectly! Thank you so much!
  4. TheGeneral50

    Timer Not Stopping?

    Hello everyone, first time posting here, and excited to be utilizing the RPG Maker VX Ace for Game Design study. I'm right now trying to work on a small horror game that wanted to implement a timer system that when it hits 0:00 marker the game is completed. However, when the timer does hit this...

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So I figured out how to put words and pictures in the screen transition. It even wipes away from both the top and bottom. The possibilities are endless! :LZSexcite: I'm going to devise secret messages now for them because I'm a terrible wonderful person like that. :kaopride:
December has arrived and with that, an ¡update for Aletoir Feast! a game made it for the One Map Challenge. I will use some of the remaining switches, variables, and events from the challenge limit to add more content but keep it within the requirements. ¡Have a nice day Everybody!
What I worked on today. :LZSjoy:

No stream today, make a game in MZ is continuing next week!
It seems MOG Weather only has a "clear" function to instantly erase a given weather effect. Probably works well if weather only changes at map transfer, etc, but looks very abrupt if weather effects are continuously changing. So my next challenge: script a "fade" function to gradually fade the sprites and wait to "clear" the current weather until the opacity of all its sprites hits zero... or something like that! XD

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