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  1. Iavasechui

    Is there a way to toggle timer visibility?

    I want to time the player on input to avoid or preempt random encounters and I have that all working except I want the timer hidden during this process. I have been searching for a way to do it but none of the ways I have found have been for MZ. Also a way to separate menu from cancel would be...
  2. Iavasechui

    Attempting to make an encounter system similar to wild arms 3 (Please let me know if this is in the wrong forum)

    It was almost working before but now I am getting frustrated so thought I'd ask for help -_-; I am using visustella plugins in my project to call a common event when walking in a specific region.
  3. Iavasechui

    Just some minor edits thought I'd share

    Made these for my maps nothing big really just wanted to have the characters actually get under the covers when in bed and thought the barrels would look neat together like that. Terms of use: As these are just edits of the rtp you have to own a copy of MZ and credit Kadokawa. Edit: fixed the...

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So I figured out how to put words and pictures in the screen transition. It even wipes away from both the top and bottom. The possibilities are endless! :LZSexcite: I'm going to devise secret messages now for them because I'm a terrible wonderful person like that. :kaopride:
December has arrived and with that, an ¡update for Aletoir Feast! a game made it for the One Map Challenge. I will use some of the remaining switches, variables, and events from the challenge limit to add more content but keep it within the requirements. ¡Have a nice day Everybody!
What I worked on today. :LZSjoy:

No stream today, make a game in MZ is continuing next week!
It seems MOG Weather only has a "clear" function to instantly erase a given weather effect. Probably works well if weather only changes at map transfer, etc, but looks very abrupt if weather effects are continuously changing. So my next challenge: script a "fade" function to gradually fade the sprites and wait to "clear" the current weather until the opacity of all its sprites hits zero... or something like that! XD

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