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  1. AllyJamy

    Quick swap shields? - Galv's quick weapon swap

    Hey Does anyone know how this could be repurposed to quick swap through shields? Preferably to work alongside its current purpose of swapping weapons as well. Thanks
  2. AllyJamy

    How to change jump speed?

    Hi, I'm trying to get the jump speed to be slower. Context here is the player is in a low gravity environment and the fast and snappy default jump looks out of place. I'd like to slow it down so it looks like gravity is affecting the player. Does anyone know how this can be done?
  3. AllyJamy

    Lune world map framerate/bug issue help

    I've been trying to implement Lune world map into my game. ( ) Using the script by itself results in a lot of lag in this specific project. Though, when using it in a similar project, that also uses a larger resolution, there is no lag. So I asked on...
  4. AllyJamy

    PAC Custom menu - disabling save help

    Hi, so I'm trying to get the disable method to work. It says how your meant to do it in the script, but the instructions make no sense at all to me. ---------- # Element 4 - The Disable Method # The fourth element of each array is a condition which, if met, disables # the command...
  5. AllyJamy

    Removing Actor selection screen in Equipment scene on a custom menu

    Hi. Since I only have one main character in my game I would like to simply the equipment menu by removing the actor selection page. (This one) I tried @Sixth's solution to the problem: class Scene_Menu < Scene_MenuBase alias skip_act_sel9972 create_command_window def...
  6. AllyJamy

    RMVXA Afterfall - Action adventure zelda-like

    ABOUT Afterfall is an free roam, action adventure game set in a retro-future world that has fallen into decay. It features an action battle system, 4-5 zelda like dungeons each with their own unique theme, side quests and a main story. FEATURES STORY SCREENSHOTS Download...
  7. AllyJamy

    How to get an event to damage player on contact?

    Hi. I have a block that moves up and down. My idea is if the block hits the player while he is crossing its path, the player will be killed instantly. So far all I've got is that the player has to walk into the block. If the block hits the player, nothing will happen. and thats what I want to...
  8. AllyJamy

    Failed to load tileset data?

    So this basically started when i copied my project over to a hard disk, because I was resetting my PC. Suddenly this message "Failed to load tileset data" started coming up and I can not open my project or game. I've looked for solutions to this problem such as replacing the tileset data with...
  9. AllyJamy

    Importing large sprites properly

    So I've made a tank sprite, and naturally the sprite is much larger than a normal character. and I've fitted the sprite into an incredibly large sprite sheet used for a ship. and I can't line them up properly, as when i drive the tank it will swivver from side to side. (I assume this is because...
  10. AllyJamy

    NPC Schedule help

    Hi, so I'm trying to get a NPC schedule working for my game. I'm using the scripts: Harvest Moon style Variable Based Calendar and Weather System By Selchar and Remember event position by Shaz I have the NPC perform a schedule depending on what time of day it is. In this case, a 7PM the NPC...
  11. AllyJamy

    Stardew valley building system with events/scripts?

    Hi. So I'm working on a city builder type of game. I'm wondering how I could make it so I could build houses/Buildings like it is done in Stardew valley. (With common events or scripts)   I'm wondering:  -How to make all the pixels in the event impassable (at the moment only the pixels...
  12. AllyJamy

    Making a map item

    Hi. So I plan to make an item, so that when the player uses the map item a map will show up. And so far that works fine. However, I don't know how to make it go away once it has appeared. I'm using a "show picture" and "erase picture" command. I want to make it disappear by pressing a button...
  13. AllyJamy

    Animating a flag

    Hi, how would I go about animating this flag in an event? I guess you would use a move route call. But I have no idea how to make this work. Any help would be appreciated. ~
  14. AllyJamy

    Font change only works on the menu.

    Using VX ACE. So I've changed the font of my game using:   #==============================================================================# ** Main#------------------------------------------------------------------------------# This processing is executed after module and class definition is...
  15. AllyJamy

    Sprite animation on button press?

    Hello. I was wondering if there is anyway to get the player to swap to a different character sprite animation when a specific button is pressed, then revert back to the original walking sprite. What I'm trying to pull off is when the player presses a button a roll animation will happen.  I'm...

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