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  1. Resurrection Sickness after res with item.

    Hey :) I'm looking for a way that if you resurrect someone with an item, they will only have 75% of the stats for 4 turns (resurrection sickness). If I make a state that sets all stats to 75% for 4 turns, nothing happens. Thank you in advance
  2. Im searching burned/destroyed village tiles

    So when im looking for resources for RPG Maker MV im not posting it into RPG Maker MV? yeah, totally makes sense...
  3. Im searching burned/destroyed village tiles

    Hey :) Does anyone happen to know a tileset from a burnt down or destroyed village/town? The standard tiles with soot and dirt would be best but I'm open for everything before I spend hours with my non existing skills in photoshop again.
  4. Enemy that gets 0 Damage until i use a skill

    ß worked like a charm, thank you
  5. Enemy that gets 0 Damage until i use a skill

    I need an opponent who gets 0 damage until you apply a skill to him, then you have a window of 2 moves to do damage to him, then he is immune again and you have to use the skill. I tried different things now, immortality doesn't let him die but he still gets damage and I don't like to do this...
  6. Cancel a charge up attack with a kick/pummel

    M Pummel does no damage at all, that was the intention of the skill.
  7. Cancel a charge up attack with a kick/pummel

    For anyone who may tumble over this threat, we were able to do it way simpler and functional than before, enemy MUST Charge the attack and if we want to, we can "kick" him and set it to a non charged state, so he wont use the skill just next turn and has to use charge up again: Go to...
  8. Cancel a charge up attack with a kick/pummel

    THANK YOU, you are a life saver. works like a charm. I can finally make my 8 arena fight fun and challenging.
  9. Cancel a charge up attack with a kick/pummel

    I definitly testet TP on enemy and he wont use the skill, until hes charging and getting the 50TP, i have just no way of removing it. Hm, maybe the problem is, that i let him start with 0 Max MP, he gets 50 and has 50/0 Mana, i'll consider your solutions and try to work this out =D TY for your...
  10. Cancel a charge up attack with a kick/pummel

    I have some scripted arena fights the actor must win and instead of just button mash attack, i want the actor to use different special skills for different enemys to survive a attack that would one-shot her. Im looking for a way to set enemy TP to 0 at start of battle, then enemy can use a...
  11. Actor walk animation gone after event

    You were right Shaz. I checked all events again and in a sequence i've made, a "move animation off" crept in. Still new to RPG Maker MV and feeling like an idiot, to need a thread for such a simple problem to solve, didnt know i could put a "move animation on" just somewhere in an event...
  12. Actor walk animation gone after event

    Checked all my events, deactivated Stepping Animation in none of them, but turning animation on worked like a charm, Thank you!
  13. Actor walk animation gone after event

    Hey there. After events, when i am able to move my actor again, the move animation is gone and the actor is just hovering overthe floor, not walking anymore. googled it and no other people seem to have my problem, at least no one postet about it. thank you in advance.

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