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  1. Xenophil 2.0

    Back Somewhat~

    Well, guess it has come to this guys. xD I am back out of sheer boredom  and a want to make a horror based puzzle game. Those who know me feel free to hti me up, those who don't feel free to get to know me! :D
  2. Xenophil 2.0

    [Free] Eventer Looking For Work

    So as the title says I am an eventer looking to use my skils for doing work on anyone's project who wants me to. I can do most things with eventing, up to creating a level system for weapons/armor, an option enhancement system along with a skill growth system. Now I am not a master by any means...
  3. Xenophil 2.0

    Tiles from Hell!

    I need building, interior, and furniture tile sets that rae either made of dark stones or are demonic looking for my Hell-based game. Demonic shaped windows, evil looking rugs, some building tiles with demonci features or black stone for the walls. I also need a demonic looking ship and boat...
  4. Xenophil 2.0

    New Game +

    I want a script that will allow the playyer to start a new game at the same elvel, with the same equipment, and gold as when they beat the game the first time
  5. Xenophil 2.0

    ARG! Need Sprites!

    I need a set of sprite sets for the sprite given below ;o i want them to look liek the spritesets below the custom sprite given. Sprite: I need spritesets for her that look like these:
  6. Xenophil 2.0

    Delonora: Corruption Unfolded

    Story Synopsis- The nation of Delonora is a rather peaceful place, no war, no famine, no suffering to speak of, that is until one day, when monsters begin to multiply out of control, appearing in every corner of the nation. The Mother of Life, suspecting the cause calls to her, four young...
  7. Xenophil 2.0

    Are freeform games still playable?

    So, are freeform games still playable, have we all gotten used to being lead around by quests and journal logs? Or can we go back to a simpler time when you had to find your own way, like the old school final fantasy games that, in my opinion, were some of the best. Well im making a freeform...
  8. Xenophil 2.0

    Battle Screen Script

    I need a final fantasy-ish battle screen, with my party sprites on the right side of the screen facing whatever troop I am fighting. But I want them to be placed in one of 3 spots, depending on what position they are in. And I want them to be on all four sides of the enemy in boss fights ^-^ so...
  9. Xenophil 2.0

    Making a Bank :3

    So I want to add a bank to my game, I have an idea of using variables to determine how much gold you have in said bank buuutu i have no idea where to start >. <
  10. Xenophil 2.0

    Hewwo O3O

    Hewwo everyone o3o im new here, have been on the site for a few days, got a game started and is making.decent progress, anyway :D Im taylor, pleased to meet you all ^ - ^
  11. Xenophil 2.0

    "Ships?" >_< Yes it's back

    Ok I got my ship working but I want to add a yes/no choice to it so that the captain asks the player if they are ready to go, but can't seem to get it to work. Here is what I have:
  12. Xenophil 2.0


    I'm in the process of making a ship into the game and can't get it to work, need some help with it or else my game can't go past the very beginning ><

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