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  1. Graphics Changer

    Just what I needed for my equipping/unequipping system, thanks!
  2. Silvers Advanced Minimap (now with Fog of War!)

    Question, would this work with a sort of screen fog of war/black-maps that aren't available to player yet until they step on those tiles, unveiling more of the map over time?
  3. Help changing mana points to a different stat

    You can measure your MP with a parallax event that keeps track of it into a variable, than have your mechanic use a common event that resets a player stat to that variable you assigned and quickly gives/uses/consumes an item that has that effect (increase hit rate, dodge rate, ect).
  4. Parallax Utils

    At what number of parallaxes would this slow your game down significantly? Also is it comfortable with any 3D plug-ins?
  5. Is there a way to tint characters?

    There are a plethora of pretty simple plug-ins for coloring sprites.
  6. How to have attacks have higher crit rates?

    You can just increase the crit rate with common events and various variables if you intertwine them to trigger common events that increase the trait for the actor. Don't think you can do it on a skill-by-skill basis however.
  7. Is it possible to set actor HP directly, even to a variable?

    Oh wow, that actually works. I set it to the parallel processing event and it updated the HP every step. Apparently it was just the "_" I was missing then? Thank you so much! That'll come in handy immensely as I work thru my project.
  8. Is it possible to set actor HP directly, even to a variable?

    I'm not looking to change the Max HP however. Just the regular HP; If the variable I want to change the health into is 55, it should read 55/1000 by the end of it. Alright, I attempted to use $gameParty.members()[partyId].hp and either I'm doing this completely wrong or something has just...
  9. Is it possible to set actor HP directly, even to a variable?

    I get a suit with 65 HP. (With a variable set to 65) I want to immediately set the actor's HP to 65. (Whether it was 100, 1000 or 0 before) I get a suit with 5 Hp. (With a variable set at 5) I want to set the actor's HP to 5. It would be updated thru a Parallel Processing event. I'll try that...
  10. Is it possible to set actor HP directly, even to a variable?

    I'm looking for a way to change HP based on a the specific suit/armor my character wears, which is decided by a variable determining which one they have equipped. That armor also has different states (Worn, new, damaged) which changes the variable amount as well. I'd like the HP to automatically...
  11. Issues with Napoleon's Minimap script - Disposed bitmat crash

    Well as a debug goes, my players use F12 and experience this error, that's all just semantics. More importantly, this error happens far more often outside of F12 during regular gameplay so is there any real solution to it? Anything in the script that could be adjusted to prevent this crash? How...
  12. Issues with Napoleon's Minimap script - Disposed bitmat crash

    Isn't it kind vital that a script doesn't break rpgmaker functions? I couldn't imagine a script working by crashing the interaction keys or whatnot. Also I haven't witnessed stepping into other maps in the original demo. In my project, when you try to exit the initial location on a large map...
  13. Issues with Napoleon's Minimap script - Disposed bitmat crash

    Hey, I'm having trouble with Napoleon's Minimap script, notably from the 2nd part of it. It keeps giving me a disposed sprite/bitmap error either when I enter a new map, or reset the game (F12) and try to start again from the title screen. Does anyone know how to fix this? The script itself...
  14. Needing help removing Party members orderly..

    I'm trying to introduce a system where you can add cloned members to your party. I managed to do this so far with Fomar0153's Actor cloning script. These aren't events, they're all the exact party member able to battle and follow you as actual members would. The problem is I want them to be...

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