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  1. Omegadragon8

    Yanfly Actor Transformations Lunatic Coding Help

    Hello :)  I am posting this question on Lionheart_84's behalf. Recently Yanfly released an awesome new tips and tricks video about using states to Transform Actor's into upgraded forms (ala Super Saiyan). In Yanfly's lunatic coding, it alters the actors battler and portrait to represent the...
  2. Omegadragon8

    Calling common event on menu

    I am not looking for a scene interpreter, i just want to add a line into the status scene that can call a common event (or at least update variables for Yanfly's Status Screen)
  3. Omegadragon8

    Bobstah's Custom Stats and Yanfly's Base Parameter Control

         I am attempting to create a system that uses the base stats in MV (Atk, Def, Matk, Mdef, luk, etc) as a direct battle only display, and would like to create a separate set of parameters that directly affect the base parameters. For example, if I were to rename Attack to Damage, then create...
  4. Omegadragon8

    Display Barrier Points from Yanfly Absorption Barrier in Different Ways

    Hello! To whoever takes the time to click into this, thank you for your time.  I need one or some of the following modified to Yanfly's Absorption Barrier, and unfortunately I am lacking in the skill to do so myself. * I would like a bar separate from the HP bar that I can use to display...
  5. Omegadragon8

    Help with Yanfly's Absorbtion Barrier and Creating a Max Stat

    I am creating a system similar to wound/vitality (essential HP and Barrier Points) and I am hoping to modify Yanfly's Absorption Barrier to do so. In this system, the actors have the equivalent of a Max HP stat and I need to set up the equivalent of a Max BP stat, so the players start with the...
  6. Omegadragon8

    Falcao Mana Stones Using Extra Parameters and/or Elements

    Hi! I Realy enjoy falcao's mana stones script ( unfortunately it only covers the basic parameters. My game uses the ex parameters in a way the player will see them as normal parameters (with several fully customized...
  7. Omegadragon8

    Galv's Animated Battler Changing Battler on Class

    Hi all, I need a scriptlet for galv's animated battler script version 1.3 ( that would allow me to change the battler being used when the character changes class (hopefully in battle, as the characters change class depending on what weapons they...
  8. Omegadragon8

    Common Event on Equip Error

    Hello, I have been using  Equip Events with Scene Interpreter (both by Hime) for my RPG Maker VX Ace project to change my battlers graphics (Galv's Animated Battlers) when equipping in and out of battle (with Yanfly's Battle Equip and Equip Menu). I am doing this as a sort of composite fix (I...
  9. Omegadragon8

    Half Kaiser Diagonals

    Hey all, could really use some help on this, I plan on using these Half Kaiser Sprites (originally designed for XP) in VX Ace (and I have been successful in implementing this). I have a idle/walk/dash script and a diagonal sript working together. I am pretty good at franken-spriting and at...
  10. Omegadragon8

    How to create a script call to change an image for Neon Blacks Lockpicking Script

    Hello all, I am fairly new at scripting, and I am a pretty good franken-scripter and can get scripts to work together well, but I still don't exactly know what I am doing, I just do things until they work :P On that note, is there a way to create a script call for Neon Black's (or CB's)...

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