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  1. nandaron

    MBS - Map Zoom

    Thank you for the fix! Love your characters in the shot :)
  2. nandaron

    Give me lines and a bio and I'll get back to you!

    Give me lines and a bio and I'll get back to you!
  3. nandaron

    MBS - Map Zoom

    Hey Masked, love the ease of use with this plugin but I am having an issue. I am using it to have my game be constantly zoomed in by x2. However, when I enter a battle it is set at x1. Is there a way to set up the zoom to also be x2 in all battles?
  4. nandaron

    Items for Survival(ish) Themed Game

    Games. Gotta have games in your game! One of my favorite examples of this is in Fallout: New Vegas. Particularly in the card game "Caravan." It uses cards from a regular deck of cards that you find while out and about, and playing it allows you to network with various npc's, as well as you can...
  5. nandaron

    Hi all and welcome to my profile! Not sure what to say here but if you have any thoughts, I'm...

    Hi all and welcome to my profile! Not sure what to say here but if you have any thoughts, I'm all ears :)
  6. nandaron

    Orange HUD

    Hah! You mean you don't have battles with oranges in your game!? If I figure the "battle/common event issue" out I'll be sure to update this post for future readers.
  7. nandaron

    Another "I'm new!" thread. Oh gracious!

    Thanks all for the welcoming messages. I'm already finding that some of the most talented people are active here and hands on with their "fans" (aka us lucky schmucks!) I suppose I can add that I am mainly proficient in level design and ui/icon creation. Hopefully I'll soon be able to wrap my...
  8. nandaron

    Orange HUD

    Thanks for the quick response :) Your suggestion worked well! I will add, that I made the common event run parallel, with the same switch ID I have for turning the entire hud on or off. Hopefully that is the correct setting. One thing I noticed, was that if the variable picture was left on for...
  9. nandaron

    Orange HUD

    Hi Hudell! So graphically I have 5 identical hearts in a line, accounting for 10 health points. Since this is my first project and I'm targeting it at my 2.5 year old, I wanted it to be simple and visual. The main character only has 10 health, and damage only applies in 1 or 2 point increments...
  10. nandaron

    Another "I'm new!" thread. Oh gracious!

    Hello all! So far I've made a couple post here and there asking for help with various things. But I figured it was high-time I made one of these threads to say hello to everyone. One day I hope to be a valuable asset to a place like this. However on this day I am simply new. Fresh...
  11. nandaron

    Orange HUD

    Hi all, Hi Hudell! (love your work and what I've seen of Orange Season!) Has anyone been able to do the above quoted successfully? I am trying to do something similar with on-screen "hearts" for my main character during a mini-game, but cant wrap my head around it. I am a programming newbie...
  12. nandaron

    Full Input - All keys of the keyboard and gamepad

    Hello DK, really appreciate your work on this plugin, but was wondering if you or another knowledgeable poster could assist me. I am having a similar issue as @Eff-n-Geoff. I can't seem to get the plug-in to work as intended. When it is active I can only get the 8 regular buttons to work...
  13. nandaron

    Match Card Lottery

    This is very, very helpful. Thanks and again, thanks for the plugin!
  14. nandaron

    Match Card Lottery

    Hi mjshi, Hi all, this is my first post on the forums, so hopefully all goes well. First off, really enjoy this plugin. I am however running into some issues with the Prize Window. I am using a whole slew of plug-ins, two of which I think are causing some issue with your plug-in. The first is...

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