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  1. Omnimental

    Press Turn Battle?

    I'm really hoping my google-fu is just failing me here, but has anybody done a Press-Turn Battle plugin for MV yet? Something similar to what Archeia made for VX Ace. It's one of my favorite battle systems, but I'd hate to go back to VX Ace just to use it.
  2. Omnimental

    Run, They're Trying To Kill Us! (Escaping from Battle)

    In an effort to reduce the feeling of "everything is a fight to the death", I've been setting my random encounters to have monsters be significantly more likely to run away as their HP gets lower. The problem I quickly ran into while testing it is that monsters running is intensely frustrating...
  3. Omnimental

    Minimum Damage

    Quick question here. I'm using low numbers for my project, and am running into the problem of hits doing zero damage. I'd like to have the damage set at a minimum of one, but either I'm not remembering how I did it correctly in VX Ace, or the method I used then doesn't work with the change in...
  4. Omnimental

    Input Speed Bonus

    Alright, my Google-fu has apparently failed me today, so I'm turning to you guys for help.  I'm looking for a script to incentivise quickly selecting your commands in combat.  Something along the lines of "If you choose your ability and target within X seconds, that ability gets a 25% damage...
  5. Omnimental

    Problem with custom damage formula

    Not sure if VX Ace forum is the right area for this, but I'm using the VX Ace engine, so I'll try here first. I'm trying to design a skill that has a successively greater chance to insta-kill the target the further below 50%MHP they are.  The formula I have so far is this: Theoretically, the...
  6. Omnimental

    Level Cap Until Class Change

    I'm looking for a way to temporarily cap an actor's level.  The plan is to have him level as one class up until a certain level, then at a particular plot point in the game he'll be given the option to change into one of two new classes, which will enable him to keep leveling up to the final...

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