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  1. Yanfly Select Keybinds Error

    I found an old thread asking about this that had no responses, so I figured I'd try once more. I'm trying out Yanfly's Selection Control plugin, and it forces me to scroll between party members in battle using left and right. As the party is arranged vertically on the screen, and the list in...
  2. Running event before critical hits

    Hi all...I'm feeling kind of frustrated over this, because I know this is something other people have inquired about, but all of the threads I've found in searching either didn't get resolved or don't achieve what I want. I want to run an event (or execute Javascript) during an attack before...
  3. Event/Variable/Plugin Interaction

    I'm using SumRndmDde's Summon Core plugin to...well, create a summon skill. What I would like to achieve is that the skill summons a different actor depending on the terrain type (tileset) of the map. From poking around, I think that information is in gameMap._tilesetId for me to evaluate. The...
  4. Script Calls Not Working On One Map

    I have a strange situation. I have a bunch of situations where I want some dialogue to pop up as you're walking through a map, and the most efficient way I've found to do this is to create a line of duplicate events across the hallway and use script calls to set all of their self switches at the...
  5. Displaying Custom Costs for Yanfly's Skill Learn

    Sorry if this has been discussed, I didn't find it with the search terms I tried. I'm making use of Yanfly's skill learn plugin with JP, and I like the idea of filling in around skills by spending JP to boost stats. I understand how to write the code for that. However, I have a lot of classes...

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Working on using DreamX's prefix suffix plugin to create unidentified weapons, armor and sellable loot. The weapons and armor will always draw from the highest tier you have the ability to create, keeping them relevant throughout most of the game. The loot is going to be the fun part! Let's just say I doubt I'll have any unused item entries
... I updated an enemy I drew last year.
My dynamic weather system grows... now with cloud cover influenced by wind speed! (4x playback) (Not final cloud image/map)
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