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  1. SumRndmDde's Character Creator-EX plugin: F.A.Q's

    Be sure you check the plugin's built-in options. Some of them, iirc, have a setting to swap which view you're looking at, be it face, walking, or battler.
  2. Looking for "Flat" pictures for battleback

    I just had a thought from watching someone's project. Make a map. Screenshot it or export it. Then use it as a battleback! You'd have a ton of control over how it looks and it should work perfectly with your grid! EDIT: I just noticed you already said the exact same thing. Well, sort of. But I...
  3. Trying to change counterattack; need a little help, please? (YEP Battle Engine Core)

    Sooo, I got it working, I guess? I split it into two separate statements within the statement; gave an enemy 100% counter, he countered non-ranged weapons, did not counter ranged weapons. And regular attacks from the actor or enemy did not cause crashes. Using Yanfly's Battle Engine, I used...
  4. Trying to change counterattack; need a little help, please? (YEP Battle Engine Core)

    I tried that with adding (!(user.isEnemy()) && ... ) and I think what it's doing is validating that user is not enemy, but continues to check the other conditions; I also tried to write it into a two-part if/then to say if (user.isEnemy()) { do regular function } else if !(user.isEnemy()) { do...
  5. Trying to change counterattack; need a little help, please? (YEP Battle Engine Core)

    I'm trying to set up counterattack so that when the player uses ranged attacks, the enemy can't counterattack. I have three ranged type weapons that should not provoke counters. So far, I've been able to make it so that enemies won't counterattack these weapon types, but when the enemy attacks...
  6. Looking for "Flat" pictures for battleback

    Hey, Tsukihime, big fan of your work! Thanks for all you do! I'm not sure how the ToS would affect it, but you could use map pack scans from things like Gamemastery map packs for DnD/Pathfinder/etc. I happen to have some scans I was using for roll20, but I'm willing to bet at the least, ToS...
  7. SumRndmDde's Character Creator-EX plugin: F.A.Q's

    I assume you mean a separate img file from what gets created in the generator. It could be done via splitting up images in the folders based on hair color and linking the player choices to a variable that would also dictate the image. That would mean having the player choose their hair color...
  8. Familia - On Steam for Mac & PC

    Shu! Shhhhhh... :D
  9. Familia - On Steam for Mac & PC

    Awesome! I love catching your work on twitch and the game is looking great!
  10. Looking for a 12 bar piano boogie woogie ogg loop for free.

    This is SO good and exactly what I was wanting, thank you SO much! I was debating trying to learn a basic boogie and recording it or saving up for FL studio and composing it, but in either case, I don't think it would have been this good. I think I could use this as-is now and it would sound...
  11. Looking for a 12 bar piano boogie woogie ogg loop for free.

    Totally going to put a follow on you, just let me know your TOS. Can I ask if you're using a DAW or actually recording? This is way more quality than I expected! (super excited!)
  12. Looking for a 12 bar piano boogie woogie ogg loop for free.

    That is EXACTLY what I'm looking for! It's very good, too! I'd want to loop it with a few variations in the riffs so it doesn't get repetitive if a player is listening to it for several minutes, though. Regardless if you can/want to do that, I really appreciate that you went through the effort...
  13. Where to find VXAce RTP maps?

    Umm, I just checked my installation folder for VXA and looks like it has png files for the sample maps in there. I understand you can't run vxa, but can you not install it, either? Maybe I'm missing part of the problem...
  14. World time sound effects?

    No worries, Mog Hunter also has a time hud and time system that includes a visual and several other elements you can use, but might be a little advanced.
  15. World time sound effects?

    EDIT: I realised I may not have made my screenshots apparent: There's a spoiler button below this sentence! lol Basically, what I was saying is the root cause of your problems is that in parallel events, the event automatically runs, then it repeats. So, follow this logic: do minute and hour...
  16. World time sound effects?

    Well, two things here: 1. Your hour event is set to if >= 0, which means that every time it finishes that event sequence and starts over, it is going to set that condition as soon as hour goes over 0, then change again when it hits 6; you might add a if hour < 6 under that condition before the...
  17. World time sound effects?

    Can you screenshot the event setup so we can see how you arranged your logic?
  18. parallax map resolution size problem

    EDIT: I'm sorry, my solution below is for MV. I'm sure something similar would work for VXA if it is indeed relevant to your issue. I'm not sure if this really addresses your problem, but it sounds similar to something I dealt with. I use the orange mapshot to grab the full-size map as a png...
  19. Formation Bonus

    EDIT: Ran a quick test of the script and my guess below doesn't seem to be the case. In fact, it shows 2 tile high sprites. I'd need to take a look at the whole project to figure that out. Just a guess based on my experience, but maybe the sprites you're using are larger than the allotted...
  20. Looking for a 12 bar piano boogie woogie ogg loop for free.

    Hi everybody! Resource type: Music Length: 1 to 2 minutes Filetype: .ogg Style: Fast paced boogie woogie Instruments: piano only Request specifics: Up front, I can't pay. I can provide a free copy of the game and invite to alpha/beta/discord group. No expectations, just if anyone wants to...

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