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  1. RMVXA My Idea that i have making Villainous char for my first project

    Well after pondering a bit, would i have 4 party members or do i go 6 or maybe 8. I suddenly thought:popcorn: what if i would make one of the party members what you would call villain in fantasy games ?:LZYhuh:. It might give goofy and fresh approach to story and also show bit how those dark...
  2. Games that inspired you

    Hmm...lets see...I am just starting my first project. It is for my own fun and i am thinking eventually making one for here too. I am newbie so probably going to use lot of base materials and custom some own. What inspired it was Phantasy star 4, Final fantasy 4 and 6. There was rpg maker game...
  3. Hello to everyone :)

    It is nice to meet you all. I am from scandinavia just slowly getting on to rpg maker and its games. So very new amateur ;) I have been trying out Rpgmaker vxa ace and made hmm 120x120 map XD. This last past week i have slowly drawed it and that my friends is how i got inspiration to try make...

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Thank you all angels so much! I've received fanarts, fanfics, song cover, and Ko-fis and such wonderful messages already! T uT Look at this message I'm crying (Ko-fi was being mean saying it was anonymous but she was like nooo it's me and showed me).
Working on using DreamX's prefix suffix plugin to create unidentified weapons, armor and sellable loot. The weapons and armor will always draw from the highest tier you have the ability to create, keeping them relevant throughout most of the game. The loot is going to be the fun part! Let's just say I doubt I'll have any unused item entries
... I updated an enemy I drew last year.
My dynamic weather system grows... now with cloud cover influenced by wind speed! (4x playback) (Not final cloud image/map)
Wrote a plugin today that allows you to assign BGM, Battlebacks, and even Battle Entry SE's on a per-troop basis. Introducing a random encounter with a high-pitched Chicken Squeal is worth it all by itself.

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