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  1. MrNybbles

    Who do I report fake/scam websites to?

    I am not sure who to contact about a website that is "offering" free steam keys to specific RPG Maker MV DLC. I'd rather not post the link here and give it visibility. I don't know what the actual scam is because I'm not going to click the "Free Download" link, but between the broken English...
  2. MrNybbles

    Display Damage on map

    You will need to track the health of each enemy somehow. If you have no more than 10 enemies per map and have an idea of how many maps you will have you can allocate a big block of variables for this. If you begin with Variable 110 for map 1 (Variables 110 to 119), map 2 would have Variables...
  3. MrNybbles

    Display Damage on map

    Just make sure the "DMG_Display_X = X of This Event" (and Y version) are inside the actual Map Event and NOT a Common Event. If they are inside a Common Event then the common event doesn't really have a location.
  4. MrNybbles

    Display Damage on map

    Your code looks good. The only thing to note is that you are trying to print the number 12345, but the first version only prints up to 4 digit numbers so in the end it would print 2345 and omit the 1. You would need to either extend it to print the extra digit or use my second version which...
  5. MrNybbles

    Display Damage on map

    ??? Is it not uploading??? Nevermind, I refreshed and it is showing up now. . .
  6. MrNybbles

    Display Damage on map

    "Numbers = 12345" are the test damage numbers I used. You would either "Numbers = Player_Damage" or just use player damage directly. I would need to see what your code is doing. My second example is a lot more concise, the only downside is that you need to add a "Script..." Event from tab 3...
  7. MrNybbles

    Making battles more unpredictable?

    One way to do this would be to use different damage type resistances for enemies (not necessarily just elemental types). For example, Skeletons might be weak to Crush damage due to a lack of flesh covering their bones, but resistant to pierce damage (due to the lack of flesh covering their...
  8. MrNybbles

    Display Damage on map

    You can get the coordinates of the Player, Current event, or a specific event, then call the Common Event with the previous information. [Notes] This assumes the code I previously posted is in the Show Damage Numbers common event. This will print the numbers below the event. To display the...
  9. MrNybbles

    Display Damage on map

    I just want to make sure you didn't miss the Spoiler buttons in my previous post. The first reveals a screenshot of the test that I did. The second Spoiler button reveals the working Event Code. You just need to set the X, Y and Number variables set before running it. --- I thought of a way to...
  10. MrNybbles

    Display Damage on map

    To print the number you just need to print the digits. It can be altered to exit early if you don't want to print the leading zeros. In the sample below the length can be used to figure out where the desired X position. In my case the digits are 24 pixels wide, 32 pixels tall and set X and Y...
  11. MrNybbles

    Extending MBS_MapZoom Plugin

    This is usually caused by the camera hitting the edge of the screen (and is one of the major reasons I want to redo the camera system, the other is to be able to do all the math in pixels instead of pixels mixed with tiles). I didn't go into details before but Scrolling (via...
  12. MrNybbles

    Extending MBS_MapZoom Plugin

    Thank you. :hswt: Yeah, I committed the nyb_SpriteExt over the nyb_Camera. The history is here: And a new copy of 20191127c is now the current one. The...
  13. MrNybbles

    Extending MBS_MapZoom Plugin

    Both issues are addressed: Later this week I'll get to the TODO list. EDIT 2: Version: 20191127c works. I saw you online and rushed to get the next version up. I deleted some statements after testing and left...
  14. MrNybbles

    What do you think of a reborn feature that resets your level

    It is there for people who enjoy Skinner Box -- the game! It's not for everyone, but some people get a sense of accomplishment out of exploiting game features and mechanics to create insanely huge damage numbers. The entire post game is based on getting 0-rarity higher-level equipment and...
  15. MrNybbles

    What do you think of a reborn feature that resets your level

    Nippon Ichi also made the Disgaea series which had a reincarnation system (as well as many other similarities). Disgaea was a game that was fun to just play and level, but tended to have specific stages built for leveling and also allowed for leveling equipment. If you wanted to have an even...
  16. MrNybbles


    Yes, but obviously it couldn't be a plug-in in the encrypted directory (not without something else decrypting it first anyway). It would need to be code either in one of the js/rpg_*.js files, or some other JavaScript file referenced from index.html in the project's root directory. The...
  17. MrNybbles

    Checking which frame of a character sheet is currently active

    The way animation works it loops between the first and last frame. Probably the best way to do this would be: 1) Call Sprite_Character._character.direction() to get the direction (2, 4, 6, 8) so you know what frame to look for. 2) Get the current frame (AKA pattern) from...
  18. MrNybbles

    Script snippet please help .

    EDIT: The mind is very good at discarding relevant information it thinks is irrelevant to you. It is the same when you read regular text, the brain scans, assumes, and discards to speed things up. The same techniques for defeating this work with programs. 1) Read the lines from right to left. 2)...
  19. MrNybbles

    Too many terms? Glossary hell?

    Yes, this is an issue and it's good you realized it. Basically after 4 unfamiliar terms thrown at your players will almost guarantee they will stop remembering what things are. The best way to do immerse your player within your world is to use familiar terminology with your new words and to not...
  20. MrNybbles

    Extending MBS_MapZoom Plugin

    Issues fixed: 1) I added an option (on by default) to correct the Encounter Effect issue. Because the flashing effect makes me blink I'm not 100% confident I've accounted for everything, but to me it seems a bit better. I think I need to play around with scaling the 2) Pictures should now be...

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