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  1. Trying to combine Yanfly main menu manager plugin with another?

    Nevermnd, Im an idiot. Trying to delete this post now.
  2. Trying to combine Yanfly main menu manager plugin with another?

    So, I enjoy Yanfly's main menu plugin, but I want to be able to use Moogle_X's actor friendship system ( the menu. Naturally, I have no skill with Java scripting and was wondering if anyone had a solution to my...
  3. Gameus' Quest System

    This looks amazing! I can;t wait to to try it out for myself
  4. Talking to Party Members?

    How did this menu button work? Did the player have to access the main menu to use it? Or was it on screen while playing the game?
  5. Talking to Party Members?

    Is there a way to let my main character talk to party members through events?
  6. Actors Friendship System

    Aha! I got it to work! Thank you for your help :D !
  7. Actors Friendship System

    I seem to be getting errors when I try to use them. It's probably because I'm doing it incorrectly. (Sorry, I'm a dunce). I set a test event to try and figure it out. On the event, I use the Plugin codes listed in the help section: AFS Show Leader x AFS Show Friend x Leader y I assumed that I...
  8. Actors Friendship System

    I think this is a great plugin that will work well with what I'm trying to make, but I'm really confused about using it. The instructions say to use plugin commands, but I don't know where to use them. Also, if I want to set it to a single leader, do I leave it at 0 or switch it to 1? I'm new...
  9. Relationship Simulation?

    Thanks for the suggested pluggins, I was able to use them no problem. They're very promising, especially for the game I am planning to make :)
  10. Relationship Simulation?

    Thank you! I figured out how to get it working. This looks promising for what I am trying to achieve!
  11. Relationship Simulation?

    Any ideas on how I can add a relationship simulator into the game? I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of Rune Factory where there's a menu with relationship status meters. I already have an idea on how to create events and use variables to add points to a characters meter, but I don't have a...

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