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  1. Jonnie91

    JSM Pack Updates - What would you like to see?

    So with the release of Egyptian Memories, it brings up my resource packs currently available on the store to 3, and with the ability for myself and other creators to add updates to their resource packs, it's about time to find out what you're looking for.  If you'd like to check out the packs...
  2. Jonnie91

    [Resource Pack Preview] Memories Resource Pack Series (Choose your favourite)

    Memories Resource Packs  I've got a series of resource packs that I'm currently working on, and I'd love to get you all to give your feedback on what you'd like to see first!  Progress: 100%  Release Date: Out Now   Egyptian Memories brings you six tracks inspired by...
  3. Jonnie91

    Art?...Me? Never Hide Your Eyes

    I recently purchased Adobe Creative Cloud...(purely because i used PS and Ae previously and knew that Auditon would help with the music, so with the Creative Cloud (for those that don't know) is Adobe Illustrator, which is basically a Vector program, now as I have absolutely no drawing...
  4. Jonnie91

    PM and Notification Problems

    When I try to see who has sent me a PM from the Notifcation Bar, it refuses to load my recent notifications, it just continues to show the little spinning loading arrows, however they never load.  I then went to access the PM from my email notification and received this error:  Site error: the...
  5. Jonnie91

    Random Ambient Voices

    I'm looking for some ambient chatter for the intro scene for Spirit Timer. This can be basically just you talking about anything you'd like something you'd talk about your friends or anything really, as long as it sounds like a real conversation, it can even be about your own project if you...
  6. Jonnie91

    JStewartMusic: Free Resource Collection

    Free Music Resources   Welcome to my free Music Resource Collection. All music here is available for you to use in your game projects. All of these resources are free to use in commercial and non commercial games provided the following credits are added: Track Title by Jonathan Hillman...
  7. Jonnie91

    Spirit Timer

     In a world of silence where time rules all many souls begin to fall.... -The Saviour Genre:  Survival Puzzler Game Progression: We are 85% complete with the game. Due to feedback from a previous review by Amerk, the original demo has been removed. since the original game demo, almost...
  8. Jonnie91

    How to input Voice Actors Lines Effectively

    Simple Vocal Inputting in VX Please Note that i am not saying that this is the ONLY way of doing this, this is simple but I use this technique and it works really well for me. There is also more advanced ways for doing this, but sometimes simple is effective :D Audio Prepping You must ensure...
  9. Jonnie91

    Official Good Day to the Official Forums :D

    Well, It took me long enough but I have finally joined everyone in the Official Forums, I'm a member of both RRR and so users from either of those sites will recognize me, if you don't then hey. I have been using VX now for a long, long, long time...around 3 years, and that's just with...
  10. Jonnie91

    NPC Randomization

    NPC Randomisation Have you ever played a game, and have asked an NPC a question...and they say the same thing over and over again, well I have seen this so many times. So it's time to show you how to give your NPC's a chance to come to life abit more... You Will Need... Basic Understanding of...
  11. Jonnie91

    Elemental: Cinniuint TIne

    Abstract- Elemental: Cinniuint Tine is a story based on the Elements of Pagan and Celtic culture. It follows Kiyoshi, A fiery Red Mage from Rutilian on his route to either his destruction, or his salvation. You decide what happens. It all leads to the day of Cinniuint Tine. Genre- Celtic...

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