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  1. DarthVollis

    V's Promotion System Issue

    Not really an issue unless you are using the Time Fantasy Sprites. Can someone help move the sprites up so that the legs are not cut off and the sprite is not behind the text? I have went through the script and am having trouble finding the area to edit to fix this. Link to Script...
  2. DarthVollis

    Understanding Victor's Engine - Light Effects

    With this I am using Victor Engine - Basic Module v1.20 I recently learned how to use Victor Sant's Light Effects and I thought everyone could use it. I only know the Event Light effect at the moment and will post more in the future after I learn them. Now for the tutorial. Find and...
  3. DarthVollis

    Phantom Antiquary

    This has been my project with the assistance of others (mainly Sixth) for nearly several years but has been forgotten due to employment. PHANTOM ANTIQUARYAs a newly formed Angel referred to as "Nu" you are to undergo training to ready yourself for the Soul that will be bound to your vessel...
  4. DarthVollis

    Composite Graphics / Visual Equipment Help

    I need someone to explain something to me. I have this script by Modern Algebra and do not understand what size and layout of image file I need to use. Here is the Script: Does it need to match the layout of the character sprite (3 x 4) and the frames?
  5. DarthVollis

    Blank Banners

    I have been looking for Blank Banners like the ones in the RTP Tileset (the green ones). I think they exist out there, but I cannot find them. Any one know where they are?
  6. DarthVollis

    Rubicante Sprite

    I was wondering if there exist a Rubicante (from Final Fantasy) sprite? I was also wondering if the other three fiends have sprites too? Rubicante Cagnazzo Barbariccia Scarmiglione
  7. DarthVollis

    Profile Pictures?

    I got on the site and all the profile pictures are tilted upside down. Weird.
  8. DarthVollis

    Missing Sprite

    I recently got the DS Sci-Fi Expansion and I was going through the resources and noticed I cannot find this sprite. That sprite is the main reason I purchased this pack and it is no where to be found.
  9. DarthVollis

    Rotten Food Icons

    I have look all over the net and have not found anything close to what I am looking for. I am looking for rotten food icons. Any body know of any anywhere?
  10. DarthVollis

    Forum Idea request

    I was looking through the scripts when I had ah idea. Why can we(the forum users) have a section on our profile for favorites? This should be separated in groups i.e. scripts, resources, etc. It would make it easier for us users to keep track of the stuff why are using and check for updates to...
  11. DarthVollis

    Brain Icon

    I was wondering if anyone out there has a brain icon that would fit with the RTP materials. Human heart icon would be good too.
  12. DarthVollis

    Character index help

    I am using Falcao's Pearl and I am having trouble understanding the knockdown index, pattern, and direction. I am using single sprite sheets (one sprite per sheet).
  13. DarthVollis

    Script Add-On

    EDIT: Solved. Found out that the script already does this.
  14. DarthVollis

    Fixing HUD display script

    I am test playing a modification to a script I have that creates a help HUD for an ABS. The unmodded scripts works great, but the modded version I created (to add a HUD for MP as well) as soon as I click new game crashes and gives me RGSS3 player has stopped working. I will post my modded script...
  15. DarthVollis

    What does this do to the game?

    In the Game Map Script (RTP) what does line 656 do? Is it important to the game because I had to comment it out. Here is the lines. #~ if @interpreter.event_id > 0 #~ unlock_event(@interpreter.event_id) #~ @interpreter.clear #~ end
  16. DarthVollis

    DS Resource Pack Behavior Request

    I am looking for someone to take and make behaviors for the DS Resource Pack Characters. The resource pack is great just missing that.

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