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  1. byronclaude

    Anyone else ever consider becoming an industry patron?

    Lately, I have finally been getting a grip on life (it has taken all 37 years to start to master things like: work, bills, stress, etc.) But now, having mastered a schedule that allows me to return to the gaming world in pursuit of my childhood hobby, I find myself paying closer attention to...
  2. byronclaude

    What is your SECOND favorite RPG Maker for game design?

    What would be your SECOND favorite RPG Maker engine of those listed, and why?  Why not your first, and what about it still makes it good enough for second?
  3. byronclaude

    15 Minutes in a Fantasy World...

    Dare to dream for just a moment...    ...if you could transport yourself into the world of any game, and from within that world, you were able to look upon its beauty in real world dimension (it would appear real) - for 15 minutes...  where would you go, and why? I would go to the Zora's lair...
  4. byronclaude

    Are we THIS lazy???

    Okay, this is slightly comical so hear me out...    (or, read me out??   whatever) Twenty or so years ago, it was slightly common to journey to a cybercafe, pay for a small amount of time on a computer (as well as like a snack, a pepsi, and whatever else we decided to settle down with) then log...
  5. byronclaude

    byronclaude - General Edits which may be of use.

    Just an edit of RTP (Ace)  interior flooring, hardwood, carpeting - in an A5 TileSet.  This is a simple edit - per forum rules, do not credit me.  I hope it can be of use to those who do not mind using RTP elements in their work.
  6. byronclaude

    New Town...

    The project I am working on, is essentially an old-school vintage style RPG, very similar to Dragon Warrior, or Final Fantasy...   ...with the quality level of Final Fantasy 6.  The idea is to retain the same vintage style with 2 exceptions, -the depth of the world...  (the player has a lot more...

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And now, some custom emotions to give the character life... :kaoslp:
First Person Combat Test Video. Simply showing off a very early concept video for an open world 3D game in MV.
I spent ages to make this image and still dont like it.. How would you showcase a bunch of levels/maps in one single image?

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