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  1. Kaiser

    Returned after so many years gone.

    Hello everyone! Its been absolutely forever since I came back to these forums, and I have had this sudden urge to get back into trying to make at least one rpg maker game. Since I joined back in 2012 I never finished a single game, nor have I even made a demo, and I want to change that for this...
  2. Kaiser

    Black Recolored Water (VX ACE style)

    For the horror game I'm working on for the event, the plot of the story revolves around black water, I've searched the interwebz and could not find black recolored water >3<. I would like it if someone could recolor these specfic tiles. Credit will be given greatly, because the black water is...
  3. Kaiser

    Nisa sprite request

    Hadn't had a request in a long time...anyways! I'm requesting in of course VX/Ace format of Nisa from Hyperdimension Neptunia. Here are two pictures of her. One in her portait, and another of her Hi res sprite to go by. there is no time limit and if there are certain things you can't do...

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Another demo of the dynamic cloud cover system, this time complete with the original soundtrack composition (which sounds even goofier at this 2x playback speed). Much left to tweak but I like it so far.
And now, some custom emotions to give the character life... :kaoslp:

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