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  1. Interesting Passives for Melee Units?

    Combat Aid: restores hp after battle Heat of Battle: every turn +x stars Repeated Blows: every hit in the same for does x% bonus damage Rage: when below Xhp gains damage reduction Animal Knowledge: deals and takes X% damage from beast foes. Google bravely default classes and look at their...
  2. What are some of your favorite unique mechanics in RPGs?

    Bravely Default, where you can Use the Brave and Default commands... But seriously it allows you to get extra turns in battle now for the cost of the same turns later. So you can wipe mobs in a turn super easy making random battles a measure of how strong you can get in that first turn, caus...
  3. Skill Accuracy - Without Certain Hit

    Lower all enemies Evasion, Add +100% hitrate to every skill/weapon. Use Yanfly hitcore and just make the number 100% and remove all other calcuations
  4. [VX Ace] "Boss-like" Enemy Attacks- Ideas Needed

    If you are already using floor spikes, then magic is a thing right? Why can't he just create rocks/boulders above your head that fall down and crush you? Drop the roof / ceiling. But he's also a guardsman so he can use his shield too. Bash them first and while they are down slam it on them...
  5. A Deliberation Regarding Turn Order

    For a tactical RPG it's hard because it's been done both ways. Disgaea and Fire Emblems it's player team then enemy team. For FF Tactics / Ogre Battle Let us Cling Together it's speed, but most of the time it's one player, one enemy. I feel like it's upto the creator on what type of game he...
  6. RMMV [MV] Request for HP Cost Rate

    The boss thing was more of an example. Most enemies use skills that I made for the player so the HP cost affects them as well. Copying every physical skill and duplicating it isn't worth it.
  7. RMMV [MV] Request for HP Cost Rate

    I'm using yanflys skill core for my project, and my physical skills cost %hp to use. I realize that my enemies also use player skills so the bosses lose alot of HP using skills. I was wondering if there was a plugin that negates HP cost. Either as a state or notetag or whatever. Upon research...
  8. RMMV Does anyone have a good scene tutorial?

    Well what do you mean by program scenes and windows? That's a very broad category for help
  9. Damage formulae and alternative stats

    What I've done/doing is just a expansion on that. Phys Atk - Phys Def Mag Atk - Mag Def Dexterity - Reflex (dex+ref = agility which determines turn order) (also is used for poison effects) so three different damage types. Tanky slow units still take damage from dexterious units. high speed and...
  10. So, will MV ever get the promised features?

    You can post all the "passive" aggressive smilies you want. It doesn't change the fact it's been 2years since 1.6.1 I believe, there's a new engine that's better and more improved then this one. So why focus on an older project? 2013 probably only got an update because it was rereleased but I...
  11. So, will MV ever get the promised features?

    Yeah but from a business standpoint it makes no sense. The respect is they updated it to 1.6.1 which wasn't needed. They gave you MZ which "fixed" issues of MV. There is no reason to update an older product anymore. In their minds MZ is the polished MV and you have to pay for all the extra work...
  12. So, will MV ever get the promised features?

    tbh I highly doubt MV will be updated again. The simple reason is why? We have MZ which is new and fancier why waste time and money on the old outdated model? It's like why spend money making the Wii U run better and have a Wii U XL when the Nintendo Switch is already out. tbh I prefer MV to MZ...
  13. Problem with adding new character in game

    Depending on how old you save it it's still an issue when updating. If that empty character in your menu is the same as character slot #10,11,12 etc etc then you probably have to restart your entire save file for them to show up. I had something like that happen to me before.
  14. RMMV Wider faces/smaller rectangles on YEP Battle Status Window

    Not really an answer, but why don't you just use clear backgrounds / match the color of the bright blue to the background?
  15. RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Yeah I just downloaded their demo, added levels to the goblin and tried it out and it's definitely the engine not recognizing the plugin. I did a simple damage formula of a.level and it worked. But b.level / / b.lvl / b.Level all don't work.
  16. RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    I can't figure it out either, it just seems like the damage formula doesn't recognize the enemies level. I've tried alot of various ways and different spellings, but that's just it. It's not recognized as something that the enemy can have.
  17. RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    if(a.level > b.level){b.hp;} else {a.atk;} try that, sometimes if/else statements work for me in different formats. I usually can't get the ? one to work. idk it just happens.
  18. Balance Numbers

    I get around this just using atk*2-def*1 *(modifier) so enemies usually have lower Def and alot of HP not to mention players have alot of modifiers to boost their damage while enemies have very few. So I can keep base defenses higher for players and lower hp.
  19. How to display an enemy's weakness

    If you're using Yanflys battle system I've seen people recommend: This is another one I found, but idk how well it works:
  20. [MZ] black skin for character generator

    It's not perfect but it works extremely well, so thank you!

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