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  1. Villhelm

    RMMV Weorrtorn

    SYNOPSIS Weorrtorn (previously known as Horizon) is an attempt at converting a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I authored into an old-school RPG inspired by games like Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, Ogre Battle, Lufia, and Super Mario RPG. Combat will take place in a CTB system, complete...
  2. Villhelm

    FREE Weorrtorn - Recruiting Artists and Writers -

    ENGINE RPGMaker MV SYNOPSIS Please refer to my Games In Development thread at: I am in the process of developing a first demo based on the opening invasion sequence of the game, focusing on Vilhelm and Mǽlhafoc. The intention is...

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So which forum do I use if I want to showcase graphics? I've been using AML forum, but I'm not sure it's correct.
I am trying to get my game published with Aldorlea Games so that I make sales from their website and the game being on Steam. They have said that their published games rarely make less than a few hundred dollars.
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Hello Wondering if you take commissions?
I should make an page one of these days...Maybe for my next large update.

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