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  1. flimbo

    Khas Ultra Lighting - The Foggy Time update!

    Hi Khas, Thanks for this script, I'm using it on my game, and the improvement from Awesome in speed, light quality and features is amazing! Regarding the fog add-on, would be possible to specify a frame count for the fog to appear/disappear? (So it can fade in and fade outt) Also, would be...
  2. flimbo

    Iavra Animate Everything

    Thanks for the reply! Actually, the issue is regarding the specification of the classes in the script configuration... I'm having some difficulty on how should I do it to move a picture and change its opacity.
  3. flimbo

    Iavra Animate Everything

    Hello,   This script seems to be exactly what I'm looking for.. I'd like to fade in a picture, and then smoothly move it (it a picture of a map, and it will be like "walking through a map"). I did it using the standard commands, but both the fade in and the move aren't smooth.. so I wonder if...
  4. flimbo

    Ancient Dungeons

    Hi Celianna,   Thanks alot for all the effort you put on these tiles, they are stunning,  For a impaired  map-maker like me, they are a bless and allows much more organic maps.   I heard mention of future desert and snow addons. Any plans for autumn-like trees or a swamp addon?   Thanks again!
  5. flimbo

    External Text v3.3.4 (Write your game in an organized manner! Translate with ease!)

    Indeed, no problems found!  Thanks a lot!!
  6. flimbo

    External Text v3.3.4 (Write your game in an organized manner! Translate with ease!)

     It's great you are taking the time to make ET and ATS work together! In this latest version the \t text code doesn't seem to be interpreted.. For example: Some words \t[key1] just prints  Some words [key1]  Thanks again!
  7. flimbo

    External Text v3.3.4 (Write your game in an organized manner! Translate with ease!)

    Hi Enelvon,  Still no luck.. tried to move the ET script after or before several scripts, but always get this error when I start a new game (the game runs, then it fails on New Game) Here's the backtrace from when I put ET as the last script before main:   The error itself is 'Script Enelvon...
  8. flimbo

    External Text v3.3.4 (Write your game in an organized manner! Translate with ease!)

    Hi Enelvon,   Got an issue with 3.3.1, a NameError on line 701: undefined method 'convert_escape_characters' for class Game_Message Thanks!
  9. flimbo

    External Text v3.3.4 (Write your game in an organized manner! Translate with ease!)

    Hello,   Some feedback.. I'm using all ATS scripts from Modern Algebra (Special Message Codes,  Face Options, Formatting and Message Options). If I put External Text before all the ATS ones, and use the escape code mode (\t[!Key!]) ET  seems to coexist fine with all ATS scripts but ATS:Special...
  10. flimbo

    Manga Maker Comipo! Support Thread

    Hello,  I´ve been trying to update Comipo! from version 1.82 to v2, but I'm always getting an "Error Code  1102" message.  Thanks! Edit: Solved by customer support, thanks!
  11. flimbo

    RPG Maker VXAce Profiler

    Hi Archeia, Thanks for this great tool! My game right now uses several graphic intensive scripts, like Khas Light Effects, Fog, HUD, Weather, etc... and it mostly goes around 60fps, but from time to time it stutters  and looses fps, in situations that I cant figure out what could be causing it...
  12. flimbo

    Multi Layer Fog

    Ugh... yes. I thought the previosly created fog (inside an event) was indexed 0, but it was 1.... thank you very much. Sorry for not noticing it >.<
  13. flimbo

    Multi Layer Fog

    Hi Shaz,  Thanks! It worked fine for creating a new fog ($game_map.screen.fogs[1].show(...)), but I got an issue when erasing or changing a previosly created fog´s tone ($game_map.screen.fogs[0].start_opacity_change(etc) and $game_map.screen.fogs[0].erase ): Script 'Shaz Multiple Fogs' line...
  14. flimbo

    Multi Layer Fog

    Hello,  I'm using Vlue's Advanced Climate System, and I´d like to use the Multiple Layer Fog script to replace the default rain effect.. so I was wondering if is there a way  functions like show_fog, erase_fog, etc,  could be called from another class/script, instead of from inside an event...
  15. flimbo

    Luna Engine and HUD

    It's great to know that there's more planned along the road : ) Just got the Engine, and the amount of content is amazing. Thanks for making it avaliable!
  16. flimbo

    Luna Engine and HUD

    Hello,     As I understand, Luna Engine reduces the script-knowledge-level requirement in the creation of menus and battle menus. So I was wondering,  can I also use Luna Engine functions to ease the creation of HUDS? I'm thinking something in the line of Atelier-RGSS Ultima Hud Script, like...
  17. flimbo

    Advanced Game Time

    Hi Vlue, thank you for this amazing script! Just to explain the way I'm using it, I use a counter to show the clock for a few seconds when "time advances" due to the player actions in the game.  Just a few doubts: - Would it be possible somehow to make a fadein/fadeout effect when...
  18. flimbo

    Rural Farm Tiles Resource Pack

    Hi Celianna, I´d like to thank you for this amazing set. The fact that it comes so complete (those action sprites and the character generator are a bless for those graphically impaired), finally prompt me to stop planning and start actually working on my first RPG Maker VX Ace game : )
  19. flimbo

    Multi Layer Fog

    Sorry! I misunderstood that the posts were about the fog following the player, not the map when it scrolls. It's working flawlessly, thanks!
  20. flimbo

    Multi Layer Fog

    Hey there, thanks for this amazing script! Just wondering, when the map scrolls, the fog moves with it (even if I set a x or y speed).. is it the expected behavior? Is it possible to keep the fog independent of the map´s movement?

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