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  1. astracat111

    Pixel-Art Upscaler - Doesn't use previous algorithms, and licensed CC0

    Hey there, it's been a while since I've been here. I've created a tool for any game developer working with pixel-art assets that's interested in upscaling, free to use for commercial or non-commercial purposes, you're not legally required to give credit or ask permission to use it. It DOES...
  2. astracat111

    Comprehensive Piano Roll, MIDI CC, Working With Sample Libraries in a DAW, Making Music With a Computer

    Recently I've created a handful of tutorials for those who are looking to get into making music using DAW software. There are 5 parts, I've included samples, I use Reason 11 but all of the principles apply to any DAW software (Logic, Reaper, Fruityloops, Pro Tools, Cakewalk or Reason) you might...
  3. astracat111

    What more RPG Makers should do in my opinion...

    So I've seen such good RPG Maker games over the years, I've been using it since the 2K days and Gaming World...and I have something that I'd like to suggest to RPG Makers. Firstly, RPG Maker MV right now is in my hopefully humble opinion the absolute best tool for telling story heavy games. You...
  4. astracat111

    Final Fantasy 15 Parody: Noctis vs Gladiolus

    Final Fantasy 15 Fan Game, Episode 1: Noctis vs Gladiolus Noctis and Gladiolus get in a fight over who will play bass and who will be the lead singer and dancer for their upcoming performance. Play as Noctis as you perform the different slashes to proceed through the story. This...
  5. astracat111

    The Symphony of The Knights (Updated with new demo: 9 22 2016)

      About 600 years into the future, mankind has taken to living in colonies hovering above the earth. A sword fighting sport called quantinium sword fighting has grown in popularity. You take control of Xillic, who dreams of making it big in the ridiculously competitive pro sword...
  6. astracat111

    Very very bad, very dangerous problem...

    Hello,  I hope I've put this in the right section. Yesterday I went to deploy my game for pc, and something ridiculous happened. It moved a handful of files from my original projects img/pictures folder into the www/img/pictures folder of the deployed project, deleting files from my original...
  7. astracat111

    So I have a semi-open world gameplay part...any tips or ideas?

    So, after working on this game for a while I'm on a town part in where I have 'semi-open world gameplay'... And for some reason now I'm drawing an absolute blank. I got on Skyrim for ideas and started walking around, and from what I understand you place a bunch of people that need help in one...
  8. astracat111

    So how about Britain exiting the EU?

    Please delete this topic if this has been created already... ummm...I searched, didn't see it, and I know people here always have interesting opinions, so wondering what you all thought of the Brexit? 
  9. astracat111

    RPG Maker MV Map File 2 TXT Script (C++ exe, drag and drop) [For voice acting and analyzing dialogue

    RPG Maker MV Map File 2 TXT Script Converter I am developing a tool for myself so that I can extract all of the text from the .json map files found in the data folder, as I want my game to have full voice acting, and I need a way to easily give voice actors and actresses scripts to work...
  10. astracat111

    Does RPG Maker MV Loop Music Automatically?

    Hello there,  I have a scene in where some timed music plays on one map, then goes to a second map and needs to stop naturally (end of song), but the song loops forever. I don't want to put a "stop bgm" event in or anything, or a fade bgm, as the song has a very unique reverberated effect...
  11. astracat111

    How to take a picture and convert it to an object on a map using Photoshop and Netbeans or equivalen

    Picture to Object on Map in RPG Maker A video tutorial showing how to take a picture in Photoshop, put it into RPG Maker MV. About the same method can work in RPG Maker VX Ace, but this particular tutorial uses MV exclusively.  Requirements: Photoshop CS 1+ or another image editing...
  12. astracat111

    [SOLVED] Is there a way to call an game event through javascript?

    I'm sure the answer to this is yes, and my best guess is to use $gameIntrepreter or $gameTemp or something? It's more of a guess...
  13. astracat111

    [SOLVED] $gameTemp.reserveCommonEvent(ID); problems...

    Hello there again,  Using the script call list, I saw that this would run a common event using a script: $gameTemp.reserveCommonEvent(ID); So I used it and it worked great, however...after using it in a script, I then can't call any common events using eventing in my game. Does anyone...
  14. astracat111

    The Symphony of The Knights [Update 6/18/2016]

      Note: I am not a good digital painter and as such the following screenshots are not final visual  representations of the finished product.   Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi Sub-Genre: Swordfighting, Sports Synopsis: 600 years into the future, man has...
  15. astracat111

    [Solved] How do you do "If a key, any key, on the keyboard is pressed"?

    Hello there,  I've been looking up the javascript for it and thinking that I'm gonna have to delve into the core.js file for this under Input.  Still, I have to ask here if there's a simple way to do this. I just want an "If (Input.somethinganythingPressed) { }" so I can shorten and...
  16. astracat111

    What is "Game_Event.list"? ( I get an error cannot find 'list' of undefined )

    Hello there,  I've been getting an error: Cannot read property 'list' of undefined SOMETIMES inexplicably when I'm clicking on events and they are supposed to activate. It would happen <5% of the time, so I put on a temporary fix that seems to be stopping it, just put "Game_Event.list = 0"...
  17. astracat111

    NPCs stuck mid-step (2nd frame of a charset index) when still and change graphic...?

    Hello again,  I'm having trouble when creating and using NPCs at the moment... Here's my trouble in screenshots:  As you can see, for some reason the NPC is stuck on the first frame of the stepping animation when stopped. I've been trying a couple things...I don't know how to...
  18. astracat111

    Royalty Free Sound Effects - SFX Noise Library: A versatile library that can be used in many places

    I've put together a sound effect library that I feel could potentially be useful to many game makers here. It's extremely simple and extremely versatile for use in 2d games. I call it the 'sfx noise library' because it uses analog noise, although it also includes 'clicks' and a couple misc...
  19. astracat111

    rmmv having trouble updating charset graphics from within the software

    Hello again,  I've got yet another problem with rpg maker mv...this one might be kind of a bug. I'm messing with the charset for the player object within photoshop...adding new graphics under a particular index of the charset... Within rpg maker mv it doesn't detect the change of the png...
  20. astracat111

    Export in browser and movie files...

    Hello there again,  I have a game that makes use of cutscenes, and I'd like to export the first 20 or so minutes of the game to browser to demonstrate to people. In those first 20 minutes there are about 3-4 minutes of cutscenes. I wanted to ask ahead of time before I even go and try it...

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