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  1. Dacuna

    How to make bosses immune to an instant death skill?

    So I've made a skill that has a 1000% chance of causing the Death (Knockout) state, but of course I don't want it to work on certain enemies such as bosses and special monsters. I've tried setting the State Rate (not State Resist) of those certain enemies to 0% like I've heard other people...
  2. Dacuna

    Are all of Moghunter's graphics taken from somewhere?

    I was trying out some of Moghunter's plugins, and I liked the Chain Commands one since it added to the intensity of the battle. However, most of Moghunter's plugins are based heavily on graphics, and his graphics in particular. Does anyone know if his graphics free to use for commercial...
  3. Dacuna

    Does anyone else have this graphical error with Animated Sideview Enemies?

    Hello everyone, I don't know if it's just me, but whenever I use Yanfly's Animated Sideview Enemies plugin and make the enemies breathe, the black line circled in the picture below appears. It appears maybe once or thrice every breathing cycle for a split second, but it's really...
  4. Dacuna

    Inevitable request for 5 party members incoming!

    I'm sure many people would like a plugin that allows more than 4 actors to appear on the menu screen and the sideview battle system, but I'm surprised one hasn't been made yet like Yanfly's Ace Core Engine in RPG Maker VX Ace. It may be harder this time around because of the sideview battle...
  5. Dacuna

    Is there a way to check if EnemyBook or ItemBook is complete?

    Hello everyone, I'm making my game with multiple endings based upon what the player has collected, and one of those endings requires the EnemyBook and ItemBook (both made by sensei Yoji Ojima which I've gotten as part of the MV package) to be completed 100%. Unfortunately, I can't find a...
  6. Dacuna

    A note about a certain sound effect...

    For a short snippet of techno music, follow these steps: Open Sound Test. Click on SE. Scroll down to Paralyze3. Select it and change the pitch down to 50%. Play. ??? Profit. Just thought I'd share this :D
  7. Dacuna

    Encounters While Moving

    Hello, I'm looking for a plugin that allows random encounters while the player is moving by Set Move Route. For instance, when I make the player move from one side of the dungeon to the other automatically, I would like random encounters to happen (they don't by default, apparently)...
  8. Dacuna

    Enemy Revives After 3 Turns

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to create a certain type of plant boss that has a weird trick. There's three of the same plant enemy that starts off the battle, but once one of the plants die, it revives with full health after 3 turns. This means the player will have to kill all three of...
  9. Dacuna

    In-Depth Maps v2.1 Problem

    Yet again, I have a problem with In-Depth Maps: It seems that whenever I transfer my player from one map to another with the same tileset, the player will be on top of the tiles instead of under like it should be. I...
  10. Dacuna

    Random Encounters When Moving

    In one section of my game, I'm making a labyrinth where the character moves on his own, in the direction the player chooses. For instance, the character moves down, and when he reaches an intersection, the player chooses "Left" or "Right". The only problem is, I want to add in random...
  11. Dacuna

    Fixed Version or Patch for In-Depth Maps

    So I've been using this script which lets me walk behind walls: It was working fine, until I realized when I saved and restarted the game, the overhead system shuts off and doesn't work anymore. I can fix it by opening up...
  12. Dacuna

    Diagonal Movement and In-Depth Maps Glitch

    Hello, I've been using FenixFyreX's In-Depth Maps and Moghunter's Simple Diagonal Movement for my game, but when I use both of them, the player can be seen walking diagonally through solid blocks. It is seen in the attached image. I'm not sure how hard it is to fix this, but I'd appreciate any...
  13. Dacuna

    Game Testing

    From the start, I've been playing RPGs. I like to point out the flaws if I can prove they exist, even if I have to go out of my way, for example if some NPC was complaining about a dark lord terrorizing their land, I talk to everyone after I destroy him and make sure they don't say the exact...
  14. Dacuna

    Ace Core Engine and Weather EX Compatibility

    Can anyone make these two scripts compatible with each other? When I call a weather effect, it comes up with an error that is resolved only when I get rid of Ace Core...
  15. Dacuna

    Particles and Resizing

    Hi, I'm using "MOG - Animated Title A" for particles, and "Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Core Engine" for screen resizing. Apparently my particles go up right to the normal screen size, then suddenly cut off because the script doesn't know the screen is resized. Is there a line in the script that...
  16. Dacuna

    Parameter Options

    Hi. I am trying to make my game so that the player has 0 ATK when he has no weapons, but the lowest I can go down to in the database is 1. Is there any script that can make every parameter go down to 0?
  17. Dacuna

    Actor's Name In Show Text...

    Hey, I am absolutely sure it has been done before but I just can't remember the name. It's this one here. I'm not as interested in the picture as the colored name set above the text.
  18. Dacuna

    Male Indie Voice Actor

    I've never actually thought about using my voice, but I'll give it a try. Here's a passage from The Raven(I really didn't know what to do), and if you would like me to try a message from your game, you can post below. :D I can pretty much do anything, with the exception of cursing or racism...
  19. Dacuna

    Hearts Within - Dramedy with Great Story

    Hearts Within is set in fantasy medieval times, and is about an emotionless creation made by the mage Xantas. In a war against the resistance of Xantas, he is struck by a catapult in which he loses his armour and his consciousness, and taken in by a female mage named Aitha, who saw him in the...
  20. Dacuna

    Where Can I Collaborate?

    Hi. I wasn't sure where to post this, but here goes. Two things that I love are games and great stories. I can make creative adventure stories and text but as for graphics, well... Let's just say I'm no Leonardo. So I was wondering where I can start a team? All I need is one or two graphic...

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