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  1. Moving problem

    Alright, thanks for the explanation, so now I'll try checking driver updates. The thing is when I play those games there's no other program opened, I don't know if this helps... Where could I find drivers and their versions? Ps: you talked about old windows, if I run games with compatibility...
  2. Moving problem

    But if it was a keyboard malfunction issue wouldn't it affect every other game? I'm just asking, I don't know exactly how it works, so... Anyway I've uninstalled every single controller driver but the ones of my roccat mouse and roccat headset, could they be the problem?
  3. Moving problem

    I'm sorry for the double topic, the browser was loading the first one, then I accidentally closed it, so I checked if it had been loaded anyway which didn't, so I loaded the second one, again sorry; For what concerns causes of all this and these two solutions: 1) I play tons of other games and...
  4. Moving problem

    Hello everybody I've got a problem with rpg maker vx rtp. Every single game has the exact same issue: my character immediately starts moving left until it hits the limit, if I press right it starts moving upwards, then I end in the top left corner unable to move anywhere... Anyone got any...

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