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  1. RMMV [MV] Request for HP Cost Rate

    I'm using yanflys skill core for my project, and my physical skills cost %hp to use. I realize that my enemies also use player skills so the bosses lose alot of HP using skills. I was wondering if there was a plugin that negates HP cost. Either as a state or notetag or whatever. Upon research...
  2. [MZ] black skin for character generator

    I'd you've messed with MZ you realize there is one black skin which is dark, and the others are different shades of ash grey which look horrible. So unless I've missed it and I've been looking
  3. RMMV RMMV Yanfly Battle Core, how to show more states on enemy?

    Basically what the title is, normally it only shows one and cycles through. In a game where you can apply several states this just isn't enough. So I'm wondering is there some builtin plugin that I can change or edit to enable the game to draw more states and cycle through them rather then the 1...
  4. Immortality and Sealing the Big Bad

    A big concept I always think about is how to handle Immortal Beings . Or why they just seal away the Demon Lord. Like if you are Immortal how can we stop you and how did you get there? If the only choice is Sealing you what makes a seal stronger then the guy who LITERALLY can't die? What stops...
  5. Magic that targets a Single Ally but not the Caster?

    I've been looking fruitlessly for this and can't seem to find it. Closest was Yanfly's Target Core but that only selects ALL allies, but not caster. The New selection control might be able to do it but I don't have enough Javascript experience. Ex of what I need: Eric can only cast Cure on an...

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