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  1. Pearsona

    Looking to stream your RPGM games!

    I've recently started streaming on Twitch, and I'd love to promote my fellow RPGM devs by streaming their games! If you have a game (preferably a complete one, but I don't mind a demo or two) that can be downloaded and played for free, feel free to share with me and I might give it a whirl on my...
  2. Pearsona

    Help with Armornick's Crafting Plugin

    Here's a link to the plugin: X So, I've implemented this plugin into my project, but I'm having a strange problem with it. To add recipes, you do a plugin command like this: add_crafting_recipe w22 = i14 + i10 W22 is weapon 0022 in the database, i14 is item 0014, and so on. This command means...
  3. Pearsona

    A crash report I just don't understand...

    So, for the demo of my new game, one of my friends reported a crash and the message that accompanied it was... completely incomprehensible. Can someone help me figure out what went wrong here? For context, this is the mac version of my game. EDIT: Further context: This glitch apparently...
  4. Pearsona

    RMMV [NEW DEMO AVAILABLE] Moribunderland

    Moribunderland is a turn-based RPG that follows the story of Brendan, a young man who has just woken up in a mysterious place with what should be a fatal gunshot wound in his head… which he can’t feel at all. This game deals with themes of mental health, suicide, abuse, and the way trauma...
  5. Pearsona

    Help with Multiple Parties?

    Alright, so I'm developing a game that has a rather unique battle system. Essentially, you divide your pool of party members (and you'll have a bunch, like 20) into smaller groups of 3-4, switch between controlling them on the map, and challenge various enemies. I managed to get this system...
  6. Pearsona

    HimeWorks' 'Party Manager' Plugin - Help with inventories

    Link to plugin: Essentially, the Party Manager plugin allows me to have multiple parties active within the game, with separate members and such. However, by default, the plugin makes it so both parties have separate inventories. I don't necessarily...
  7. Pearsona

    Steam RPGMV not launching?

    So, every time I try to launch the game, nothing happens. Then, if I try to boot the game again, I get an error claiming the software is already running. Here are the things I've tried: Closing RPGM in task manager Uninstalling and reinstalling the software Restarting my computer Having Steam...
  8. Pearsona

    Larger Sprites Clip Under * Tiles

    So, in my project, I have the player character (who is a roughly normal-sized sprite) and his monster companion (who is on a much, much larger sprite sheet), as well as a tileset filled with * tiles. This is mainly because I want the player character to be able to go behind them realistically...
  9. Pearsona

    Moving around sv battlers?

    So, I'm making a game (as per usual) and I have a party of two characters. One is the main playable character, and the other is a monster he has befriended. The monster sv sprite is much larger than his, but I figured this wouldn't be a problem, because I had completely forgotten that the first...
  10. Pearsona

    How to fix cursors?

    Hey, working on a new game with a pixelly aesthetic, not meant to have much anti-aliasing at all. Made myself some cute cursors with the window graphics, but... How do I make it... not do that? Is there any way I can change how the cursors load and stuff?
  11. Pearsona

    Various Tile Edits

    Hey there, I'm currently making a game called The Song of the Inferno, which uses mostly RTP graphics, but with my own edits mixed in. I figured since I was already planning to use some graphics from the MV online community, it'd be nice to give back. TERMS OF USE: -Credit me: Pearsona of...
  12. Pearsona

    Need some VX Ace Battlers!

    I'm making a game in RPG Maker MV, but I personally prefer the style of the battlers from VX Ace. The shame is, while I do own VX Ace myself, I cannot install it on this computer. Can anyone perhaps send me a package of all of the default battlers? I'd really appreciate it :)
  13. Pearsona

    How to Have a Game Remember Other Playthroughs?

    So, I'm make a game where if you close the game it will remember what you did. The game will remember how many times you've played it and what things you've already done. Kind of like how in Undertale, the game will remember what you've done even if you reset without saving. Or in "Hello...
  14. Pearsona

    How to realign weapons for custom SV actors?

    Okay, so, I'm making a game in which I'm using the SV battlers. however, since the default battlers are just a bit ugly (sorry) i made my own. there he is, miss america. the only problem is that i made him a bit bigger than the default SV battlers (2x bigger) because i didn't want him...
  15. Pearsona

    Monster SV Battlers

    So, I'm making a game currently, thats a very monster hunter-like game, with a huge focus on, well, hunting monsters. I'm using the SV battle because i think it looks better, but it felt odd to have little pixel fighters up against giant, fully painted behemoths, so I've started making some SV...
  16. Pearsona

    Variable = Money?

    So I'm using a script and I wanted it to access the amount of cash the party had (its a game that costs money to play) but i could only get it to access variables, is it possible to have a script call or w/e that will make a certain variable become equal to the amount of money the party has?
  17. Pearsona

    Removing Weapons and Armor Tab?

    Hi, I'm making a game that isn't a standard RPG, so I don't need the 'Weapons' or 'Armor' tab in the inventory; all I need is Items and Key Items. I used to know how to do this with VX Ace, but I'm having a lot of trouble with it now. Any ideas?
  18. Pearsona

    Remove Levels/HP/MP?

    I'm making a puzzle and exploration based game, and well, i think it would be kind of strange to open up the menu and see some traditional-rpg info next to the characters? but unfortunately i can't just do away with the menu because the player needs to be able to access their items somehow...
  19. Pearsona

    "Cannot Read Property "slice" of undefined"???

    I'm sorry to make another post about this, but I really, really need help with this. Battles have stopped working entirely in my game, and whenever I try to initiate one instead all I get is an error that reads: What's wrong? Has anyone else had this problem?
  20. Pearsona

    Change SV Player Order? (Now battles don't work, help!!)

    So, I'm using an SV battle sprite that is considerably bigger than what is generally used in MV, so while it does work, it causes a rather curious problem in which it completely blocks the main character. (actual in-game screenshot, forgive the default placeholder graphics) do you see...

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