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  1. RMMZ I'm looking for global switch plug-in ( MZ )

    Is there a plug-in that can use a switch that works regardless of save and load? I want to make an event where the title screen changes when I turn on the switch during the game.
  2. RMMZ I'm looking for a fullscreen plugin..

    When i start a game, I want to make a full screen automatically. Automatically without pressing F4.
  3. MV - Can I turn off square function?

    When i click the map with the mouse, the white square flashes and the actors moves there. Can I turn off this square function? I want to keep this square out of sighted.
  4. Change mouse cursor image andAbout the blinking white square.

    I think this question would be awkward using a translator. Hello I recently bought and am enjoying RPG Maker MV. I want to know how to change my image by using the basic mouse cursor in the game test. Also, I would like to know how to turn off the white square function that blinks at the...

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