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  1. PixelLuchi

    Crunch's Pixel Resources (Updated: 15/9/16 - Battlers)

    I started a resource thread back in mid-2012 when I was still an active member for VX/VX-Ace resources, but a return means a new thread, I guess. For those of you who don't know me, I was ( and still ) am, known for my gorgeous non-parallaxed maps, and I've written a few tutorials in the VX...
  2. PixelLuchi

    [Mapping] How to get RMXP-like maps in VXAce.

    Say good-bye to parallax mapping for good. Today I'm going show you guys how to make something like this...  in Vx/Ace. It should take you less than 20 mins to do, which is a fraction of the time taken to do a similar pretty looking map using parallaxing. I'll put a video right at the bottom...
  3. PixelLuchi

    Exit, persued by a Lion.

    After five years working with the RM engines, I figured it's time to search for greener pastures, namely in creative writing. It has always been my first love ( along with reading ), and quite frankly, lends better control to my over-active imagination, not to mention it is far more productive...
  4. PixelLuchi

    Lawrence of Aragorn

    Contest Entry for the RM Venture. A micro-RPG created in one week. Lawrence, a serious and stoic knight living on the Isle of Aragorn, investigates the disappearance of the King, with his crazy priest companion, Bennet. On their journey south, they meet the mystic, Alice, who is assisting her...
  5. PixelLuchi

    Luchi's Pixel Art

      Recently, I started working on pixel art again after deciding to start making my own resources for future projects. I won't say I'm a complete beginner to pixel art ( I started in 2009 when I started editing Phantasy Star IV's cutscenes for fun ) but I'm far from being as good as I'd want to...
  6. PixelLuchi

    Enelysion: Black Tempest - Vol. II

    Nearly six months ago, a young woman by the name of  Laine Fisher took on a simple extermination hunt, never  realising that it would be one of many events which would  ultimately change her life.   She discovered her true identity, learned of the Fiannan  race's hatred towards humans and...
  7. PixelLuchi

    Taking Leave

    Yeah, I'm leaving for an undetermined time period. I need a break. I'm up to my neck from testing, worn out from playing, tired of bug-fixing etc. Basically, I'm done with RPGMaking for now. And I don't know when I'll come back. I'm finished. I hope I've been an inspiration to some people, at...
  8. PixelLuchi

    Lu-Chan's Mapping Commandments

    Luchi-chan's basic Mapping Commandments:   It's been a while since I did a tutorial, so I'm going to share some of my wisdom in creating really eye-catching maps. It will only cover basic editor mapping, but attractive maps can still be achieved even with the basic RTP ( VX or VXAce ). And...
  9. PixelLuchi

    Breakable weapons... Yay or Nay?

    So, I've been thinking of adding breakable weapons to my new project ( and if anyone can enlighten me on how to make one, I'd greatly appreciate it as well. :3 I know it has something to do with variables and stuff, but from what I've seen, you can only tag items with variables. I know PK8 has...
  10. PixelLuchi

    Tristian: Lady of the Lion

        STORY:   SCREENSHOTS                 WORLD:     CHARACTERS:      FEATURES   -  An epic 10 episode tale spanning 4 countries over a huge world. - A deep, mature storyline focusing on love, honour and pride. The themes however, may not be suitable for the average 15 year old. -  A...
  11. PixelLuchi

    Luchi's art corner

    @Fallow: Thanks, I have a lot of fun when designing original characters. But I draw my inspiration from the Fire Emblem games mainly. The character designs are practical and awesome ( for the medieval stuff, anyway ). I should bust out some sci-fi stuff when I get the chance. ^^ @SolarGale...
  12. PixelLuchi

    Luchi-chan's Lighting Tutorial.

    Hey everyone, Luchi here with another mapping-based tutorial. I think I got at least 5 requests asking how I do the lighting in my maps, so, I'm here to show you how to do all that. I ask only a little of your patience and a few on-hand scripts to make the most of this tutorial. This tutorial...
  13. PixelLuchi

    Luchi's Resource gallery ( Updated 23/7/2014 )

    Hello everyone, Luchi here. I thought I'd share with you some resource I've been working on for the last few days. Because we know, you guys want resources more than anything to start creating those games you dream of. ^^ Well, I'm here to help, along with the other wonderful people who share...
  14. PixelLuchi

    Enelysion: Vol I+II released.


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