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  1. KanaX

    How do I select a Skill without a Skill Type

    I am fairly unaccustomed to the Battle Scene of RM. My actor should have it at their level and their class and I even made sure to max my TP, just for good measure. Am I missing something? Do I have to assign a Skill Type? Thank you for your time!
  2. KanaX

    Spriter Plugin

    Spriter Plugin v.1.3.5 KanaX Introduction Allows user to utilize Spriter Pro save files and sprite parts for Skeletal Animations Features Using Spriter, it is easy to create functional, fluid, expressive animations with sprite parts, without needing to create large numbers of sprite sheets...
  3. KanaX

    Cannot get rid of Followers

    I have removed all Actors except my Player Actor from both Database/Actors and Database/System. However, when I console.log($gamePlayer), my player still has 3 followers. Am I missing something crucial? Thank you for your time.
  4. KanaX

    Pixi.js - Get Values of Container, Without Inheriting Z

    I'm fairly new to pixi.js and programming altogether. I am making a plugin that parses the xml save file of a sprite animation program and recreates the result in a game engine. The animation program uses bones for skeletal animations and the images (sprite parts) inherit the x, y, angle...
  5. KanaX

    Yanfly's Core Engine Resize Issue.

    Something similar has been asked before here, with no real answer. I have moved my project to MV from Ace, where I had set my graphics for a 1088x832 resolution. The two plugins that I use for the transition are Shaz's Change Tile Size to regulate the tile size (64x64) and YanfIy's Core Engine...
  6. KanaX

    Galv's Layer Graphics Question

    Is there a way to place a layer called by the plugin below a parallax layer? Simply lowering the z value doesn't work. Thank you.
  7. KanaX

    Yanfly's Picture Common Events Touch Trigger ?

    According to the plugin's description, one of the triggers I could choose from is "touching" the selected picture with my cursor, no clicks, or click combination. However, after checking the instructions and downloading the plugin itself, I can only find triggers/parameters that have to do with...
  8. KanaX

    Resolution Stretch Causes Peculiar Blur.

    I just recently started moving my project on MV from Ace. While still using Ace, I utilized a script that allowed me to double the size of my game window and stretch the 544x416 screen to fit it. After using Shaz's plugin to resize my tiles to the classic 32x32, I tried tinkering with the...
  9. KanaX

    Move Picture fluidity problem.

    Basically, the effect you see on the video is my problem. I have got no fps issues, but I still face problems when to comes to moving pictures very slowly. The movement is very jittery and unnatural This is not the only instance (just a recent one), it happens every times. Any ideas? Thank...
  10. KanaX

    Battle Choreography

    Does anybody happen to have a source of insight regarding battle choreography, as we get to see it on the small/big screen and games? Do you have any personal experience with it? Please feel free to share anything related.
  11. KanaX

    Swearing - I feel conflicted.

    I started working on What Silver Shows when I was 19. I am now 22. Some things have changed in my life and I have changed too in some regards. I'm milder, more tempered (I might even claim watered down). I see some themes I used to consider essential for the game as entirely pointless...
  12. KanaX

    I am so sorry...

    Before you lies a list of very esoteric jokes you are not supposed to get. I apologize for compromising your precious time. I'm so sorry 1 I'm so sorry 2 I'm so sorry 3 I'm so sorry 4 I'm so sorry 5 Updates every whenever.
  13. KanaX

    More Terrain Tags

    I have been looking for a way to assign more than 8 different terrain tags in a single tileset. I came across this topic: If what it says is accurate, I can use the Note of the Tileset to choose specific cells to give a new...
  14. KanaX

    An overdue thank you

    But seriously, I have to give my gratitude to all of you, who took a minute of their time to take a look at my project. Even more so, the unfortunate folk that tried to play the demo. It's been 2.5 years already. It's funny that a lot of veterans of the industry say that you should never...
  15. KanaX

    Fancy Food Items

    Here are some, somewhat modern items of the culinary art, for those with fancy palates. They are supposed to be character graphics for events, but I suppose you can use them however you want.   Here's a list of the items above, listing from left to right: Here are some different...
  16. KanaX

    RPG Maker Store does not accept my Credit Card.

    The title pretty much says it all. I wanted to buy a store product for the first time and my card's info is not accepted, for some reason. I can, however, use it in other sites for online purchases. Any ideas?
  17. KanaX

    Common Event Freezing

    Made this script call: $game_temp.reserve_common_event(($game_variables[82] + 60)) Now the variable 82 value should be "2", something confirmed by a text box with \V[82] in it. However when I use the script call, the common event doesn't work and the game freezes (the last one is not...
  18. KanaX

    Copyright Policies From Old Arcade Games

    The protagonist, in my current project, has a cellphone, which I plan to fill with some of the old classics, as a fun easter egg. Does anybody know if I am allowed to make recognizable rip-offs of many of the well known arcade games? Like Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, etc. I was...
  19. KanaX

    Pixel Art Questions for Dummies

    I'm starting to get a bit deeper in the world of pixel art (beyond simple edits of pre-existing works, using pre-made textures and horrible mismatching of different art styles in one map) and some questions raise. I feel like learning a little bit about pixels and the people that manipulate...
  20. KanaX

    Getting Private User Information.

    I use scripts that read the player's username and time.  However I'm standing at a stalemate, thinking whether I should remove them in the final version, or not. First and foremost, the matter of privacy. I think that some people would be rather upset if they saw their username appear on a...

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