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  1. ChaoticLapras

    Yanfly Message System Recolouring?

    Hello all! ChaoticLapras here, wondering if there is a way to change the background colour from blue on the yanfly message system? I've done it with gab, but I can't find it on the main message system...
  2. ChaoticLapras

    Yanfly Gab Script causes error?

    Hello all! ChaoticLapras here. I just tried installing the gab script (the only custom script I have, if anyone was wondering) and I'm getting an error as soon as I try using script: gab(Forest of the Chosen). Is there something I'm doing wrong...? EDIT: I just did "Script:=begin gab(Forest...
  3. ChaoticLapras

    Eric Battler - DS Style

    Hi guys! ChaoticLapras here! I've been making Revenge of Ralph, my one month game project for GMD, and discovered that there are literally NO Eric battlers in existence. I want Ralph to be beaten by Eric, but at the moment he's beaten by an RTP thief... Please can someone make an Eric battler...
  4. ChaoticLapras

    Original Ralph Description?

    I'm making a Ralph game in VX Ace. I can't find his original description anywhere online! You know, like Eric is A veteran warrior who fought on many battlefields. He becomes uncontrollable in battle when berserk. Can anyone tell me the Ralph one?
  5. ChaoticLapras

    How do you put an image instead of the title text?

    Hello all! ChaoticLapras here! Yes. I'm stupid. I've never done this before, and can't find an online tutorial for it. So I have this logo I want instead of title screen text. I've done the thing that removes the text, but have no idea where to put my logo! Help?
  6. ChaoticLapras

    Resetting a map with an event?

    Hello all! ChaoticLapras here. I'm making a boulder puzzle game. Is there a way I can have an event that resets the map to how it was before the player entered? I don't want the player to leave the map. Many thanks, ChaoticLapras
  7. ChaoticLapras

    Waiting, but still letting player move?

    Hello all! ChaoticLapras here. I'm making a boulder pushing puzzle game at the moment, just to help with devblock. I've been working on a feature that is done entirely with events, which needs regeneration for you to push. You can push five times without regeneration, and it takes five seconds...
  8. ChaoticLapras

    IG Maker (trial) won't start?

    Hello all! ChaoticLapras here. Right, so I installed IG Maker to have a look at the trial and see if it would be worth buying for making minigames to take my mind of my main RPG Maker game. I accidentally ran it without the trial patch, and it came up with the product key bit. All fine so far...
  9. ChaoticLapras

    Fortune of Destruction

    Fortune of Destruction   ChaoticLapras here, with the feedback thread of my new game – Fortune of Destruction! Story Synopsis: World Development: Character Descriptions: That's really all so far – there will be other characters as time goes on, but only about one hour of the game is made...
  10. ChaoticLapras

    Moving camera while moving events?

    I've been making a bit for my game where two skeletons are moved, but I want the camera to follow them while they do it. Is this possible? Ask if you need code, but I literally have two blocks of movement, one for each skeleton!
  11. ChaoticLapras

    Forum Games Forum?

    Greetings all! ChaoticLapras here! I was thinking and thought that we could have a forum games forum in off topic, where members can play little chat games and stuff. It's quite common in forums, and thought we could benefit from it, and it would be a nice place for members to socialize too!
  12. ChaoticLapras

    Fortune of Destruction (RECRUITING)

    Hello all! I am ChaoticLapras, maker of a new game named Fortune of Destruction. I have begun work on it, and decided I needed some sprites and large art for the game. So far, I have just been using default art, and would like tilesets, faces, etc. for the game. I therefore require art and...
  13. ChaoticLapras

    Hello, hello, hello!

    Hi people of RPG Maker forums! I'm ChaoticLapras. I'm male, not telling you my age, and like developing games. I downloaded RPG Maker VX Ace about a month ago, and have come onto these forums to a ) Get help with problems/bugs in my game b ) Share my game with others for their enjoyment and...
  14. ChaoticLapras

    Inn Room Rental Help?

    I have made an inn in my game, with an upstairs room that is allowed access to once bought. Is there a way for the innkeeper to sell the room without using the shop system? If so, how? If the character doesn't have enough money, he is currently still allowed in, is there a way of rectifying this...

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