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  1. Lucy Fox

    RMXP IGMC Short Reviews (for everyone to participate)

    Hey there! ^w^/) I remember we had a thread in 2015 where people could just throw in some short reviews for the games they played. So I thought it could be a useful thing to do it again! :kaojoy: So, everyone can drop their short reviews here. And by short... I mean short. Like: GameTitle...
  2. Lucy Fox

    RMXP [IGMC 2017] Once Upon A Spirit

    “We were out in the fields, collecting some food for the winter, when a crow attacked us and spooked my child so much, its soul escaped its body and clung itself to the bird!” Story You play as a mouse, whose kid's soul was stolen by a crow. A strange ghostly voice gives you the ability to...
  3. Lucy Fox

    RMXP Ink Travellers - Present Hunt

    Story Once upon a time there were two brothers. Their grandfather was ill and his birthday wasn't far away. So the boys decided to make him happy and find him a nice present. They gain a key, which has the power to open a path into every book, where the brothers' adventure starts...
  4. Lucy Fox

    RMXP Erayu

    "Once there were life and light. This world... so peaceful it was. Our everlasting princess reigned fair and wise and did not age nor die. But at this one day, without premonition, without farewell... ...she disappeared. Thereupon the light was gone. And only darkness...
  5. Lucy Fox

    A small wild and crazy cat appears!

    Hey and hallo! I'm known as Lucy Fox and I'm from Germany. (So please excuse my bad English xD) Since nearly three years I'm using RPG-Maker XP and I'm very familiar with it. My strengths are eventing and storytelling I think. Scripting is a thing I somehow understand, though I'm not able to...

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