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  1. FirestormNeos

    For RPGs with a single playable character, how many classes should that character be able to choose from *at minimum* for you?

    Note for Mods: feel free to move this thread wherever it's most appropriate because idk where it's supposed to go tbh. A common thread I've noticed with my project iterations is that I'll start with numerous available classes that I have vague ideas for how I want them to work. Eventually, I'll...
  2. FirestormNeos

    RMMV Looking for Feedback on Story

    So I'm going to start semi-fresh yet again for my project, except this time I want to have a full story outline (and therefore, the game's structure) before I "hit the new project button." I want to give a huge thank you to everyone for their thoughts, especially @RCXDan's comment, on the...
  3. FirestormNeos

    Quicksave Anywhere Function (That can't overwrite Save Points files)

    I'm in need of a plugin that functions as follows: Upon saving at a save point, the game brings up the save menu that RPG Maker MV uses by default. Upon saving from the save option in the menu, the game saves to a "reserved" save file. This save file may be overwritten by saving the normal way...
  4. FirestormNeos

    RMMV Undecided on wheather to go with a level-based or a world-based approach to area design

    In a game (aiming to be short, easy-but-engaging, lots of replay value and allows for clumsier players like myself engage with the strategic elements of fighting games and RPGs without having to stress over frames and timing, or RNG and inventory management respectively) centered around a...
  5. FirestormNeos

    In games with an "invisibility" skill, do you prefer a step-based or timer-based cost?

    In games with a stealth system (and even in some without), there is sometimes a skill or item that has limited use which prevents enemies from spotting you. In the Pokemon series, this primarily takes the form of repels, which prevents random encounters for a finite number of steps (Base 100...
  6. FirestormNeos

    How to Remove Preemptive/Surprise from an MV Project

    The Preemptive/Surprise mechanic just does not vibe with my projects. How do I remove it? Can I just go somewhere directly into the core javascript files and replace it with ye ol' reliable "return 1.0" like in VX Ace, or am I gonna need a plugin for this?
  7. FirestormNeos

    What does moving the Guard state/skill from the #2 position in the database mess up, if anything?

    I have a plugin that removes Attack and Guard Skills from the attack menu since I have a different plan for handling offense and defense with my projects. However, I've been informed awhile ago somewhere on this forum that assigning the Guard state as anything other than the second state messes...
  8. FirestormNeos

    Attack skills that aren't the default basic attack skill aren't using non-magic SV animations like they're supposed to

    Not entirely sure how to elaborate on this besides providing pictures and a demonstration video of what's happening. What am I doing wrong here? How do I rectify this so that skills in the "Skills" box use attack motions? Using Steam Copy, Version 1.6.2
  9. FirestormNeos

    How to seal off-hand weapon?

    I have a class that can either dual-wield one-handed guns or use a single two-handed bow. I have a script that makes the two-handed bows only equip to the main hand, and I've assigned "Dual-wield" flag to the guns themselves instead of the class to enforce the Bows being two-handed, but...
  10. FirestormNeos

    Prevent dual-wielding certain types of weapons but not others

    So one of the classes in my game uses a variety of Bows and Guns, and has the "dual-wielding" flag. They can mix-and-match most weapons (such as a Handgun and an Assault Rifle, or a Revolver and a Shotgun), dual-wield a few (such as having 2 handguns, 2 shotguns or 2 submachine guns) and some...
  11. FirestormNeos

    Window Color changes as game progresses

    My project has, at the end of every chapter, a part where the player is faced with a moral dilemma and is forced to make a decision that will radically alter the world they had journeyed through in that chapter. These moral dilemmas always have three options and are always color-coded with red...
  12. FirestormNeos

    Trouble deciding on a solution.

    (if this thread's in the wrong forum, please feel free to move it) yeah, i thought it was in the wrong spot. thanks, mods! So in the project I'm working on in VX Ace, there are 27 classes based on what weapon the player character has equipped. I have for the most part finished with creating all...
  13. FirestormNeos

    Supplied by popular Demand: How do YOU balance money and other economic matters in your game?

    Over on the "Things to Avoid in Your Game" thread, there was an interesting conversation brought up-- starting somewhere around here --about in-game economies that had to be cut short due to it derailing the topic at hand. Namely about the matter of the player's currency piling up towards...
  14. FirestormNeos

    Script that allows a state to take incoming damage it prevents and instead put it into a variable?

    Awhile back, I made a thread in a different sub-forum asking how to make a skill that absorbs all incoming damage and puts that absorbed damage into a variable (here). The only reply I got to it suggested I'd need a script that would allow states to count damage taken and store it into a...
  15. FirestormNeos

    Efficiently calculate every enemy's remaining-HP:MHP ratio and target the lowest one for a skill?

    I have a skill called "Natural Selection" that automatically targets the enemy who has taken the most damage proportionate to their health bar. For example, say I had an enemy with 10,000/40,000HP (25%) remaining and another with 2,000/2,500HP (80%) remaining in the same troop when the player...
  16. FirestormNeos

    Base a weapon's Critical Hit Chance Stat off of a variable?

    So I have a weapon that includes a handful of skills that increase a variable; as this variable increases, I want the weapon's critical hit chance to be determined by this variable. How do I do this?
  17. FirestormNeos

    Skill that absorbs all incoming damage from enemy skills for a turn, and stores it into a variable?

    I have a number of skills that I'd like to create, but I can't implement any of them until I've figured out a way to make this combat mechanic work. Could someone point me in the direction I need to go to create a skill like the one I mentioned in ways that wouldn't require digging into the...
  18. FirestormNeos

    Skill that lets player turn (some but not all) items/armor into scrap metal?

    I'm working on a character class that's basically a Cyborg. One of the class's skills allows the player to take items they don't need anymore-- namely non-quest consumables that are disposable and non-weapon equipment that can become outdated --and convert it into an item called "scrap...
  19. FirestormNeos

    Proc a common event upon killing an enemy with a specific attack?

    I have a skill where if an enemy dies from it, the player casts a spell that summons an undead minion. I have the skill that summons the minion complete, but I don't know how to have it activate only when the other skill which activates it kills an enemy, if that's even possible to do without...
  20. FirestormNeos

    [RPGVXA] Status likelihood when using a.add_state(x) in damage formula?

    When using a.add_state(statenumber) to a skill, how do i specify the chance of it happening? I have a playable class in the project I'm working on where almost every skill you use has a low chance (somewhere between 1-10%, I haven't decided that part yet) of granting you a status buff that...

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