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  1. RocketKnight

    RocketKnight Assets - RPG Maker XP

    (Later i'll put some banners, so the thread will look nice) Sci-fi stuff I saw years ago a sci-fi tileset made by @Amy Pond so i decided remade almost the entire thing: You can check the original here, please if you gonna use my version credit Amy, RocketKnight and Berseker (he made some...
  2. RocketKnight

    Can anyone identify the artist of these resources?

    Where those resources come from? They are ok to use? I found them on, they are beautiful i just wanna make sure if they are legal to use in a XP project.
  3. RocketKnight

    [Almost finished] Animated Title Screen

    Sooo sunday i (try)started a animated title screen based on this tutorial. But i don't know how to add characters on screen. The concept was: See the code here. The result i got: I try make the layers responsives, but they didn't fit (the layer 2 was resized on photoshop), they both move so...
  4. RocketKnight

    [IGMC Game Recruitment] The Electric Lady

      A forbidden narrative through android eyes. Helps Cindi Mayweather: AKA Android no. 57821, AKA the prototype, AKA the dreamer. escape from Ministry of Droids because she falls in love with a human and find out the truth about the society in which lives. The story takes place in the universe of...
  5. RocketKnight


      When duty calls of honor must be met, Joseph goes to war, even not being very good at handling weapons. Unfortunately dies in combat, his sad and desolate woman decides to move to other surroundings to prevent lost her son to war too, Peter. Into the woods the little boy, Peter, lost in an...
  6. RocketKnight

    1926 - Metropolis [Demo v. 0.8]

    The game follows a semilinear history; there will be several side events, side missions which you can choose to accomplish many things and places to be discovered. Remember, a decision may be taken not undone and altered the course of things...
  7. RocketKnight

    A Song of Ice and Fire - Graphic Resource Pack

        This package contains only (for now) the Iron Throne and characters.     Download   Celianna.
  8. RocketKnight

    Archadiem [New Alpha demo available]

        The plot is pretty cliché, it is a young man who decides to go searching for his girlfriend who disappeared under archaeological expedition.   The storyline is very weak, I know that but I will try rewarding gameplay.         I have to thank: Hime, Celianna, Lunarea, PK8, Raizen884...
  9. RocketKnight

    RGSS Error

    Hi, I do not know where to post this, the error appeared out of nowhere. List of scripts that I use: I do not know if all are compatible with each other. Please, someone help me.

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