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  1. Niten Ichi Ryu

    Any interest for a main party pack remaster.

    @Jesse - PVGames have you ever considered producing some main party pack like in the ones you did for vx ace, but benefiting from all the advances your MV aimed production have? While all the create your own are awesome for versatility, some of these old characters had awesome designs that...
  2. Niten Ichi Ryu

    MV Japanese style Armor and Helmet

    Resource Type: MV Generator parts Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV chibi RTP Description:  Requesting a Japanese samurai armor and helmet for MV generator. Ideally with a mask file to enable color changing. Basically it would be a kimono underneath (color 1) with an armor type...
  3. Niten Ichi Ryu

    A Character Generator for PV MV, WOOT? (Now with recoloring of items) (apply to generator version 0.

    Since I have been using the Wild Steam resources with Game Character Hub, I always hoped that one day, I would find a generator that would allow me to make all my PV resources with one click. When I saw the MV generator,I knew that day would be close. Now behold, for that day has arrived...
  4. Niten Ichi Ryu

    Mastersheet Template for PV MV Character Packs

    Hi Fellow PVers!!! For those who wish to use the Mastersheets files to create their PV Characters, I have made that simple file, that you can use by importing as a layer in GIMP, that will help you find out at a quick glance what corresponds to what on the Master sheet. Simply open GIMP...
  5. Niten Ichi Ryu

    Looking for a composer for Samurai Themed BGM

    I'm putting this as a resources request, but if mod feels the need, this could be moved to recruitment as possibly, the composer interested by tackling this request could join the team and produce more music for the project. If someone is interested, please PM me. Resource Type: BGM, Main...
  6. Niten Ichi Ryu

    Plugin Request: Mapshot

    One of the most useful and practical script that existed in ACE was, in my opinion, Tsukihime's Map screenshot script. It would allow you to take a good quality Screenshot of your full map, with events and Characters.  the save as image feature in MV is useful, but far less powerful that that...
  7. Niten Ichi Ryu

    Table top gaming, do you? What are your favorites.

    I have seen a few topics about pen & paper RPG and I'm curious how the RM community is about this. So question are, but not limited to, feel free to share views on tabletop gaming Do you play Pen & Paper RPGs? Are you primarily a player or a game master? What are your favorites Pen and...
  8. Niten Ichi Ryu

    EULA and origin of Purchase

    Hi all,  First of all, apologies if this has already been answered somewhere, please point me to the topic in question if any. Does the origin of purchases of resources has any influence on the EULA? Mainly this question is about some music resources pack and the PV games packs: I have...

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