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  1. EternalShadow

    Thumbnail preview of the Fantasy Heroine pack?

    The fantasy heroine pack looks cool, though it's a little hard to tell which art style it would currently fit as the artist is not named on the store page: My best guess is Katakura Hibiki, but it looks too detailed/glossy for...
  2. EternalShadow

    Move player itself to 'Above Player' level?

    I've run into a bit of a jam with my current game - I'm trying to make it so that the cursor (i.e: the player) can move completely freely around the map with the movement buttons. I have set it so the events on the map are 'below player' so I can use 'Action Button' events with them, but this...
  3. EternalShadow

    Forum Logo Link

    I think it'd be a bit more appropriate for when clicking 'RPG MAKER' at the top of the forum to be redirected back to the forum's main page, not the product page of RM. The alternative is two much smaller buttons below the logo - 'Home' and 'Forums'. It doesn't really make much sense...
  4. EternalShadow

    Detect if 3+ events with the same notetag are next to each other

    Hi, So I'd like to do a little experiment in MV - a Match-3 game. Most of the game is easy to make (check if two events are next to each other and if so, allow the swapping of both events, for example) but the aspect of checking if 3 or more events with a given notetags are in the same axis...
  5. EternalShadow

    [Birthday Bash | Complete] Cake Clicker

    So for this event, I'll be doing something completely different to the usual fare of RPG games. From the title, you may have already guessed what that is - yes, it's a clicking game! With a cake! V1.1 Download Here: Old Download...
  6. EternalShadow

    [Request] [Ace] Achievement Display Grid

    Hi :D I hope this is generally a fairly simple request. Essentially, not limited to achievements, but can be used for images or other things in general as well. Basically, would it be possible to have a grid that shows a certain image in its respective location on a grid if the...
  7. EternalShadow

    [Solved] Check if variable is equal to variable not working?

    This could be a possible bug, but I'd like to see if I'm actually doing anything wrong first, given this works in Ace as it should. Basically, you speak to the soldier. This brings up a common event which checks his faction. Based on this faction, some dialogue is brought up. (this is...
  8. EternalShadow

    [Request/MV] Extension to Galv's Message Busts Essentially, I would like an option whereby I can show the player's bust on the (left - this should be changeable of course) side of the message. Here is a very placehodlery example, featuring terrible mouse-drawn art where the player's...
  9. EternalShadow

    [Request] Disable and re-enable movement at will

    Would it be possible to have a script that prevents the player moving with the arrow keys or a mouse button press until the script is disabled? (It needs to be repeatedly enableable and disablable) However, the player should still be moved if a move route command is run on them, from an...
  10. EternalShadow

    Ace: Clear cache/ram by script call?

    This is a little urgent so I don't really have time to look into the intricacies of this (probably best if someone with experience in this particular area handles this), but I think we're dealing with the RAM here. Anyway, would it be possible to have a script activateable by script call that...
  11. EternalShadow

    MV Bug: Move route "cancel" option

    What it looks like on the event page (right hand side): What it looks like if you go into this event, make a change (remove a couple of things), then press cancel, then go back into the event: What it looks like when you leave that event page: Essentially, if you press cancel on a...
  12. EternalShadow

    Non-persistent glitches fixed upon reloading/redownloading/restarting?

    I'm having some incredibly strange bug/glitch reports, now my game's been released. There are no critical bugs of such a nature on my end, which makes these weird. For example, you are able to defeat some quest-related boss enemies. A switch turns on to hide them once they have been defeated...
  13. EternalShadow

    Beyond Reality

    RMVXA | V 1.1 ONLY $9.99 ON ALDORLEA Click Here to Purchase via Aldorlea Now ONLY $4.99 ON STEAM Click Here to Purchase via Steam Now   Travel Beyond the Reality You've Always Known. Two thousand years ago, the Kingdom of Jastamune was thrust into a war, the only survivor being a...
  14. EternalShadow

    Individual Playing Card Images

    I remember there were a few of these floating around, but I cannot find them now. Perhaps they vanished when the other RM resource sites went down? Here's a comprehensive request, but I'll take any full set (doesn't have to be a vector for example) you link me if it contains the front of all...
  15. EternalShadow

    Checking which direction an event is facing?

    I was a little misunderstood when I offhandedly remarked on the lack of such a function for this xD Basically, you can check which way an actor is facing, but is there a way to check which way an EVENT (not the player and not an actor) is facing? Like, if a statue is facing 2/down?
  16. EternalShadow

    [Request] Carrying Capacity

    Would it be possible to have a script that limits a user's carrying capacity (by weight) and uses notetags on items to determine their weight? So if a player had carrying capacity limited to, say, 100, then he could only carry a combined total of 1-weight items across armour, items, weapons...
  17. EternalShadow

    Copy specific event page?

    Imagine the scenario: you have 100 people (arbitary number) set to walk out of a building to some co-ordinates. Now, while I'm sure I could find this script later (it's basically just pathfinding), it would be great if there was a script to make it much easier to copy a certain event's event...
  18. EternalShadow

    Common Events can be interrupted by other Parallel events? How best to event instead?

    I initially posted about this issue here, but I am having my doubts that it is an issue to do with the script(s) used: Now, when you're running a parallel event that activates a battle upon proximity 1...
  19. EternalShadow

    [Ace] Proximity Events Keep Retriggering I'm trying to make a system where you have on-map battles. If an enemy sees you within a range of 5, they run toward you and initiate battle. If you flee, the enemy also flees (or at least, is meant to - is where I run into...
  20. EternalShadow

    Overriding default F-keys

    I can select and declare the key to use and it shows up in the engine just fine, but I have no clue how to "override" what the default scripts already have - I am being told it is probably protoyping or inheritance, but all explanations are more complex than they need to be, so I just end up so...

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