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  1. Probotector 200X

    Puppy Bowl XI

    Why watch the Super Bowl when you could watch the Puppy Bowl? Actually the Puppy Bowl repeats several times so watch both if you want... I wonder what cute puppies will be on this year? Also, Catty Perry will perform during the Kitty Halftime Show! It's all so silly and adorable...
  2. Probotector 200X

    Gundam animes old and new coming to the US!

    Sunrise and Rightstuf are working together to finally bring back Gundam to the US! I'm not sure if some are only getting subtitles, or dubbed. Also not sure what's getting DVDs, or Blu-ray, or streamed, or whatever. Announced so far is: Mobile Suit Gundam (the original, coming Spring 2015)...
  3. Probotector 200X

    Actor battlers in front of status window (Victor Engine Actor Battlers)

    I'm using Victor Sant's Actor Battlers script. I want to make it look more like RPG Maker XP's battle system, where the actor's battlers are still behind the text and animations, but in FRONT of the window...
  4. Probotector 200X

    Character Fusion?

    One feature I've been wanting to try out for a while is...character fusion. Two (or more) characters fuse into one being, either as a temporary power-up of sorts, or as a permanent thing. My trouble is trying to figure out how to mechanically make it work! There are two main types of fusion...
  5. Probotector 200X

    Would using real-time day/night to effect gameplay be a good idea?

    Not exactly sure if this is the right forum, but I think it is. So, my question is, would playing an RPG that uses the actual time of day, and that time effects certain gameplay features and possibly even some story options greatly, sound like a good idea? Would it bother you? Get your more...
  6. Probotector 200X

    Extra actor scenes (for non-standard characters)

    Hi, I'm looking for a script that allows you to have extra actor scenes. That is, for separate actors that don't join your normal party, but actors that can be summoned during battle (think Final Fantasy X), or a sub-party you can only use in certain situations (think Mega Man Battle Network) or...
  7. Probotector 200X

    Musical states

    Hi, I'm looking for a script that changes the Battle BGM based on afflicted states...preferably for Actors AND Enemies! Ever play a game with a cool transformation that's so cool it gets it's own theme song? It overrides the current battle theme, even if it's a unique boss theme, the...

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