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  1. kerbonklin

    An RPG that uses a generic set of similar enemies+bosses

    With that being said, i'm looking for ways to design various enemies and bosses under the conditions of SV human battlers and my main fear is that the fights in my game get stale or repetitive in a sense. In my SV enemy/boss planning, the first thing that comes to my mind are their weapon types...
  2. kerbonklin

    Survey Question - Which maker version do you primarily use?

    Been awhile since I've posted around here, so many floods of MV support threads re-inventing the wheel going on. Anyways, i'm doing a quick small survey thing (so small it'll just be a Strawpoll question lol) for a technical writing class i'm taking, figured I could make a pie graph out of this...
  3. kerbonklin

    TotalBiscuit announces he has terminal cancer

    This dire health situation update for him has been popping up all over various game-related subreddits and media outlets, thousands to millions of people wishing him for the best of luck.  Since I know there are quite a few people here who know TB, and his genuine insights of the indie game dev...
  4. kerbonklin

    That feeling of "Something's missing"

    Have you ever had this troublesome feeling with one of your projects? Like you're working on your game's plot or systems and start thinking "This doesn't feel good enough, what can make this better?" This has been a serious roadblock for me recently. I feel like my game's battle system is...
  5. kerbonklin

    In making a fast-paced turn-based battle system

    This has been a general game design topic in the past in other forums/media, back when RPG games were more abundant with consoles and such. Normally the two terms "fast-paced" and "turn-based" are opposites, where fast-paced would relate to more action-oriented RPGs (non-turn-based, usually...
  6. kerbonklin

    Adapting to casuals at the cost of optional longer battle durations. Thoughts?

    Normally i'm not one to simplify something complex just because people cannot adapt or keep up, as it takes the fun out of my ideals. In my work-in-progress game, I require quick user turn command choices to make use of a bonus damage combo systems and powerful strategic abilities/skills. Like...
  7. kerbonklin

    It seems our new babaji spam bot troll friend found it's way here.

    To anyone who's new to this, do not be alarmed and stay away from any of these threads. This spam bot has been recently common on other forums throughout the internet, and god knows why he made his way here. If you see anything similar to this, please report the thread (without clicking...
  8. kerbonklin

    Suggest me a good RM title to play!

    I'm coming back to RPG Maker Ace after i've been away for about a year due to distractions, and to get me into the RM spirit, I need a good title to play to get a grasp of the engine's capabilities once again. Especially since there are probably many new neat scripts and ideas within the past...
  9. kerbonklin

    Feedback on a Potion idea.

    So my game uses Delays and Charge turn functions for various skills (Delay = use now but wait more time for your next turn, Charge = wait some time/turns and then use) So I was thinking on applying it to my potions/items as well for a possible strategic sense. Basically I have normal potions...
  10. kerbonklin

    Congratulations, Shaz!

    I spy with my poor-vision eyes something on Steam New Releases! Congrats to you and whoever else worked on it. Edit: THIS ISN'T A NEW RELEASE STEAM YOU LIE TO US THIS IS ORIGINALLY MADE IN 2009 AND SUCH TOTALBISCUIT WOULD HAVE A FIT IF HE SAW THIS And here's the page on Amaranth Games if...
  11. kerbonklin

    Looking for some script logic correction.

    So the following is supposed to, when an enemy chooses a random target for their skills, check the TGR first (like the default engine), and then if there's no mutations (tgr_rand not making the choice to Return member), the enemy will be checked for 4 possible states, each check checking each...
  12. kerbonklin

    State transformation when inflicted onto enemy? (depending on actor)

    Let's say all four of my actors can normal-attack, and the Attack skill is set to inflict a special state. Is there a way for that set state to transform into a more specific state depending on the actor using the skill? Like for example, both Ralph and Eric can use the Attack skill that adds...
  13. kerbonklin

    Looking for a new Aggro system that can work alongside TRG.

    What I request is a new system of Aggro (either an existing script that I haven't found yet doing the following, or a completely new one) that makes enemy targeting based on being "Subject-Target bound", instead of targeting based purely on TRG. What I mean by "Subject-Target bound" is that if...
  14. kerbonklin

    Designing uses of TGR / aggro

    Going to work on an enemy aggro system soon (turn-based, not an ABS). What are some special ideas that you guys have done in past/current projects for the usage of TGR rate? (Excluding simple things like a Provoke skill) For example, i'm thinking of having normal attacks adding TGR to the actor...
  15. kerbonklin

    Looking for a Keybind Scene w/ window.

    So with the previous commotion about there (or can someone make) a scripted scene that allows keybinding of the default keys? (ZXCASDQW + L-Shift + Escape + Space + Enter)  It would be opened from a menu command and looks something like the following...
  16. kerbonklin

    R.I.P. Equals 3

    I'm totally like 5 days late on this (just found out today) but yeah, Ray William Johnson is quitting =3 production and seeing if he can find a new host for the show. 5 years of hilarious viral videos + commentary. He also went over his favorite top 10 videos along with his goodbye speech.
  17. kerbonklin

    Quick small discussion of Kickstarter

    So this will be short and simple. I just recently stumbled upon this. Seems like a random find, it's a Spectacle Brawler btw. And the company name is called Big Deez Production......LOL! (Never heard of them but apparently a group of...
  18. kerbonklin

    Equipment: [Tiers] VS [Random Assortment]

    Usually when it comes to equipments in games, they have a sort of "Tier" hierarchy where there are sets of equipments with similar stats that may suit multiple armor types or weapon types. (Ex: Bronze Helm + Bronze Armor + Bronze Sword + Bronze Axe, etc., followed by Silver versions and Gold...
  19. kerbonklin

    How to compare two scripts?

    What program or something can I use to compare two scripts side-by-side? Like lets say i'm comparing two versions of a script and I want to see what changes were made.
  20. kerbonklin

    Status Updates, can we get an edit button?

    While we do have a Delete button on Status replies and Feeds, an edit button would be really nice. This way we won't have to double-post if we forgot to type something or fix typos. And if people reply to a Status but you want to change the original Status, we don't have to delete the whole...

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