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  1. RyanA

    We need moar emoticons!

    The addition of emote icons some time ago was awesome! But I hereby request that you add the few emote faces that are missing. Most notably the :3, o_o and variations thereof. Yours Sincerely Disgruntled forum user.
  2. RyanA

    Inspector Paws

    The greatest detective in the world. Arthur Watts, the man who can solve any case, woo any woman, conquer any secret organisation! Or so he likes to think...he's actually a below average detective with an eye for the ladies and a very intelligent pet cat called Paws. Paws is the real...
  3. RyanA

    In need of kitties!

    Hello everyone! ;3 I'm in need of a sprite for Kitty Quest! :3 I need an edit of the Cat from the VX RPT please, to change it into a tabby cat! I'm not sure how else I can describe it since the picture does most I think ;3 Or if anyone knows of any cat resources like the one I'm after that's...
  4. RyanA

    Summer Quest

    Summer Quest by RyanA Once again, summer has arrived in Sunshire, and it looked to be the best ever! But a lonely Ice Queen uses her magic to turn the weather cold and snowy. Take on the role of Selette, a young girl and Nibblet, her pet cat, to venture to the Ice Queen's lair and save...
  5. RyanA

    RyanA's RPG Rhythms

    Welcome to RyanA's RPG Rhythms (≖ω≖)   NEW STUFF RyanA - White Feathers HQ RyanA - Teary HQ RyanA - You stole my sandwich, prepare to die! HQ RyanA - Sleeves that aren't green HQ I sometimes tinker about with music and occasionally am rewarded with a song that doesn't make ones ears bleed! :3...
  6. RyanA

    Uninvited Guests

    Uninvited Guests This was originally a game I made for the halloween contest back in 2009/10 (I can't remember exactly!) I thought it was a decent game, it had good reviews from the players and did quite well in the contest, so I thought I would upload this game here as well...
  7. RyanA

    Someone suggest an academy name?

    The academy for gifted meatheads and everyone else.
  8. RyanA

    Miau *Scratch scratch*

    Greetings everyone :D I'm RyanA, been active on a few RPGmaker forums since back in 2007, mainly on, was quite a fan of that one. Anyway, had a few years break, went back and found that it was rather empty compared to before, seems a lot of people have come onto this forum so thought I...
  9. RyanA

    The One Night Trilogy (3 Full Horror Games)

    Moderator Edit due to lost post This is one of several very old topics where the first post was lost due to an archive problem one or two years ago, and cannot be restored. Luckily someone else found the download links, so here they are: End of Mod-Edit...
  10. RyanA

    Rad's Retro Tiles

    Awesome, them pre-made houses are great too!

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