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  1. Darr123

    An extremely belated hello

    Might as well join in the latest trend. I started RMing when I was a young lad(I was like 9 :P ) and I've been on rpg maker forums for the entire time I've been doing this. That said, I joined these forums one day in December 2012, when I finally got around to getting Ace after years with good...

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Couple hours of work. Might use in my game as a secret find or something. Not sure. Fancy though no? :D
Holy stink, where have I been? Well, I started my temporary job this week. So less time to spend on game design... :(
Cartoonier cloud cover that better fits the art style, as well as (slightly) improved blending/fading... fading clouds when there are larger patterns is still somewhat abrupt for some reason.
Do you Find Tilesetting or Looking for Tilesets/Plugins more fun? Personally I like making my tileset for my Game (Cretaceous Park TM) xD
How many parameters is 'too many'??

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