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  1. Square_art

    Hello everyone! It has been a while :)

    Hello! My name is Vladimir. I was active on forum back in... 2013 :) Last year I was working on RPG Maker game and on improving my skills as an artist. Was visiting this forum from time to time to read it, now I want to start to communicate with all of you :) I think all RPG Makers have...
  2. Square_art

    Original video game and fan art artworks

    I always had a dream to become an artist and video game developer, but the choice of another education and work was made few-several years ago. Eighteen months ago I decided to leave my common job to pursue the dream to become an artist. Eighteen months ago I started from the basics and...
  3. Square_art

    Need support from other RPG Maker Game Creators

    Hello everyone! Old RPG Maker user is back. I was working on RPG Maker video game alone for a very long time. Spent about 1500 hours into it. It was also practice for me as an artist, since I got experience to work in different styles; got experience of drawing everything that can relate to an...
  4. Square_art

    The worst games you have ever played

    Okay. Let's talk about the worst games you have ever played. Games that made you feel awfully sick. Games that you would never buy if you knew how terribly they were made.  I want us to spread a word about bad games and warn each other, what games we should never buy. At the same time, we...
  5. Square_art

    3D for 2D drawing. Need a help.

    I've been using photoshop and knowledge of shading and anatomy for drawing characters for about two years. It was time with lots of redrawing and come backs to the same pictures. It was also experience that improved my drawings when I had only imagination to look at.   A sample of 2D...
  6. Square_art

    Moving to professional level. All feedbacks are welcome!

    It's not a secret. To be professional means to be paid for the work you do. Neither my education nor my work has ever been related to drawing and painting. Sometimes I felt like I have chosen a wrong path in my life and I never can become a good artist. But I keep drawing as long as I enjoy it...
  7. Square_art

    UFC 2

    It's definitely the most most anticipating game of 2016 to me. Even more anticipating than FF15 :) Didn't play the first one (ps4), but played ufc 2012 (ps3). I just loved the game completely. I've completed career mode more than 10 times, and every time it was interesting enough to start a...
  8. Square_art

    how hard do you work?

    Since we all here, everyone of us is working on rpg maker games. Some people have it as a little hobby, some people work like crazy with huge passion for it. Everyone of us has to combine it with things like job/university/social life and other things. I'm eager to know the statistic and your...
  9. Square_art

    [Recruiting] Tactical Challenge

    Tactical Challenge   Tactical Challenge (TC) is a tactical role playing game in early stage of development based on RPG Maker VX Ace. It's a big and unique project which needs a good team work! In short, it's going to be one of those games where you have to learn how to play for some time and...
  10. Square_art

    Actors names

    I wonder how do you define names for your actors in the game? B) Do you use names of your friends and acquaintance? Do you use your own name? Do you use the same names in every project? Do you use names with the legend/inner meaning? What's your favourite names?
  11. Square_art

    Knock-knock is back!

    Hello everyone!! I have been missed you guys so bad! It has been a year since I've been here last time  :) Life requires spending a lot of time being at work and doing routine, but I still follow my dream to start working in game industry, so I keep drawing every day as much as possible. I'll...
  12. Square_art

    Need Help. Big map parallax!

    I'm still trying to learn how to use parallax mapping properly in RGSS3! I think if we find the answers it can be amazingly helpful topic for many users!  Currently I have a map 2240w*1568h which I badly want to use in game as a parallax map with animation and light effects!! The 1st problem is...
  13. Square_art

    Bug. Passability is broken..

    Hi Support! Currently my character can walk on water and ships can sail across the surface. I just edited the map and then had a play test and noticed this sudden bug, I have no idea what could cause it. Now no matter what tileset I will use, no matter what properties the map will have - the bug...
  14. Square_art

    Parallax mapping. Which script is the best?

    I heard there are a couple of scripts which allow us to use parallax mapping. I’m new in parallax mapping, so I use only default scripts “show picture” and “move picture” for this :-) The suggestion – to share all information (includes scripts and links to them) about parallax mapping, their...
  15. Square_art

    1 Ocean Depth+ (how to make it?)

    Using default animated tilesets, as well as custom tilesets it is only possible to create the Ocean of 2 levels (e.g. light blue and dark blue). When trying to add new level of water, let's say 'green water', the system build shore around new water. So, the question of topic, how to create...
  16. Square_art

    About Ships

    The questions of topic: 1. How to use ships which bigger than default ships? (e.g. 2*2, 2*3 or 4*8?) 2. How to use more ships? (4, 5, 8?) All ideas are welcome :)
  17. Square_art

    How to make them look at you?

    Have you ever played FF9? Do you remember how all characters (people, creatures, npc) were looking at your character when he was close to them? If not, please just watch a few seconds of ff9 (in town) on youtube. I think, it's an amazing feature, it makes the whole game more realistic, all npc...
  18. Square_art

    100 of 100

    The question of topic: How to limit to 100/100 all stats as ATC, DEF, MDF, etc, which have 255/255? For example, if character has 90/100 DEF and use ring +20 DEF he should have 100DEF (as 100 it's the max), the same story should be if character use a skill, which increase his DEF (In any case...
  19. Square_art

    My old sketches (Raw)

    It's my first time when I'm posting my sketches, they are raw, uncompleted, but I hope you will like them. Except the last one I'm not going to use them in the project, I just made them to train myself, you know, I never had a drawing teacher :)
  20. Square_art

    Unique stats lvl up bonus

    Question of topic: How to modify lvl up stats bonus? As example, let us say we wanna have stats as following: 1lv str 10 def 10 (10*lv) hp 250 (200+10*lv+50) mp 30 (str*3) exp. required to the next lv 100 2lv str 15 (+5) def 20 (10*lv) hp 450 (200+10*lv+50) mp 45 (str*3) exp...

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