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  1. Problem - Identifying the Actor's WeaponTypeID [SOLVED]

    Dear friends, I am using the RPG MAKER MV and some plugins that allow me to call extra commands in the skill damage formula (Yanfly Damage Core and Ramza Dual Weild). I'm want to do a conditional formula skill: IF the Actor is using a WType 1 weapon in the first hand the damage formula will...

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so hopefully tomorrow i get to go home from the hospital i've been here for 5 days already and it's driving me mad. I miss my family like crazy but at least I get to use my own toiletries and my own clothes. My mom is coming to visit soon i can't wait to see her cause i miss her the most. :kaojoy:
Couple hours of work. Might use in my game as a secret find or something. Not sure. Fancy though no? :D
Holy stink, where have I been? Well, I started my temporary job this week. So less time to spend on game design... :(
Cartoonier cloud cover that better fits the art style, as well as (slightly) improved blending/fading... fading clouds when there are larger patterns is still somewhat abrupt for some reason.

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