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  1. estriole

    What happened to animations in MZ?

    i still think they should make it 'optional' though... like two different animation tab... one using efekseer and one using good old animation system... :D.
  2. estriole

    Making a menu option appear

    it's possible... in the picking up item event just add your script call/plugin command to that menu option...
  3. estriole

    Can I make an event based on Variable

    you need parallel process event to keep track of your character MP... in that parallel change variable -> game data -> actor MP... (don't forget to add at least 1 frame Wait event command to avoid fps drop) then in your monster event add blank page (for when monster not appearing) with...
  4. estriole

    [MV]Photoshop grid size doesn't fit even after setting 48

    like shadow dragon said above... print screen is not a good option in doing mapshot... because it capture what your 'screen resolution' at... and Orange Mapshot is made by the same author as the MZ plugin i tell you earlier so it will be good one to use for mapshot. also glad it work out...
  5. estriole

    [MV]Photoshop grid size doesn't fit even after setting 48

    what's your engine? do your image taken from editor? or using plugin? in MZ some people said that the editor can save map as image BUT when the map is too big it will downscale the map to 50% (24x24 grid)... if you're using MZ use plugin instead for your mapshot. like this one...
  6. estriole

    Chapter-based game Question

    i think this article can be used with above method edit: it's for MV though but maybe it will work for MZ too...
  7. estriole

    How can I Play movie after choosing a skill in battle in RPG MAKER MV

    maybe there's conflict with other plugin you already used then... >.<
  8. estriole

    Chapter-based game Question

    I agree with EpicFILE and poorrabbit above... you need to REDO what you already done in a chapter... some alternative if you know some JS code... deep copy the $gameSwitches and $gameVariables to new variable(it's better if placed in $gameSystem because that got saved in savefile) at the start...
  9. estriole

    How can I Play movie after choosing a skill in battle in RPG MAKER MV

    i think that plugin have plugin dependencies... you also need to install Victor Engine – Basic Module place the basic module above the battle motions plugin. hope this help...
  10. estriole

    MP reduction exception?

    hmm how about that skill give the user state... (can be done using damage formula) the state give the user a brand new skill which actually the copy of the previous skill but without the secondary effect... with higher mp cost which when reduced by previous skill secondary effect will cost the...
  11. estriole

    Boss that can only be damaged by one Actor

    i don't think there's more simpler solution than using element beside using a plugin... but you said you'd like to avoid that... other alternative also require even more complex thing to do. example: adding extra damage formula code which check for the user and the target... if it's the boss...
  12. estriole

    RMMV Surrender Option

    what engine do you use? MV / MZ? if it's MV i think you could use then in the common event called by that command... add 'abort battle' event command... in that common event you could also add some conditional...
  13. estriole

    How can I Play movie after choosing a skill in battle in RPG MAKER MV

    That is ruby script for ACE... you might need to ask someone to convert it to Javascript alternatively... Victor battle motion plugin can play movie if i remember correctly... you might want to try that too... Check the...
  14. estriole

    What is the Most Efficient Way to Make Picture Menus?

    that because without the 1 frame wait... in parallel process / autorun... the code will executed so fast to the end of common event... and then immediately repeat to the top command again and again and again... thus flooding the process... this will be worse with more parallel process run at the...
  15. estriole

    What is the Most Efficient Way to Make Picture Menus?

    honestly if the question is the "most" efficient way... the answer would be commission a plugin that suits your situation... it will be efficient than using parallel process / eventing... but of course doing it with eventing it will still possible... but i think you should have as little...
  16. estriole

    [SOLVED]How to make custom (parralax) maps without using tilesets

    parallax mapping did not require tileset at all... some people use tileset to make them easier to draw the map... but true parallax mapping is free... you can use anything you want in your map... just make sure to set the passability later using at least two transparent tiles (one passable one...
  17. estriole

    RMMV Main Character Death?

    how about after MC die... s/he still exist as a ghost or memory fragment... s/he stay with the party... then although s/he is unplayable (cannot go to battle etc)... but you can still build up the story focusing on MC... just please don't resurrect the dead MC... some great games already do...
  18. estriole

    Just finished the tutorial. What else should I know before getting started?

    There's lots of tutorial on youtube... there's also beginner series by SRDude hope this help
  19. estriole

    UFC Tower Defense

    ah yes... i added that plugin parameter but forgot to add the code >.<... camera focus to player(or any event) might not be included in that plugin though... if i made that feature it might be separate plugin (i actually have prototype working code but still working on it)... for the scene vs...
  20. estriole

    EST - Strategy Mouse Cam

    updated to v1.1 v1.1 2020.12.01 Added the Always disable Player Scroll code(forgotten :D)

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