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  1. Cvrtis

    Problems with 'spoilers' and 'quotes'

    In new forum design I have a few problems with adding and editing comments and posts. First af all because new design is not adopted for tablets. 1. I can not move and delete a 'spoiler' frame via tablet; 2. I can not move and delete a 'quote' frame via tablet (there is a problem with...
  2. Cvrtis

    Start Encounter battle effect

    Hello, I have not found a similar theme or script, so my question is: there are somewhere the script with settings effect when encounter battle start? (I means effect when flash and zoom). I want to change that effect or, on first time, at least, turn it off. Thank You. UPD. I'm...
  3. Cvrtis

    Separate state lines for buff and debuff

    For example: The states that I note as a buff - in the one line The states that I note as a debuff - in the another line Not only in Menu, in battle window too. Maybe it can be only a snippet of code?
  4. Cvrtis

    Draw an armor. Need help for idea

    Hello to all, I need help. The fact that I have a problem with imagination. It's veeery big problem for me. So I want to ask you to help me.   I have a character. 1. And I have to draw an armor for him. But I have NO idea how it should look. I leave here a picture with template. What exactly I...
  5. Cvrtis

    MV's Conditional Branches without "Else"?

    I don't know, why they cut "Else" from Conditional Branches, and now, I have a problems with it. Besides they cut 2 buttons!  ;_; Can someone say, hot to do that: - without the braindstorm! I do not understand scripts...
  6. Cvrtis

    Cvrtis' Edits (Little update)

    I hope you like it. I will be glad if you will use them. If you need, I can make recolour. If You find any defects, be sure to tell me. Unfortunately, my country has blocked access to images on Deviant art. Warn me if you will not see pictures. Terms of Use & Credit Credit: Enterbrain, Cvrtis...
  7. Cvrtis

    Looking for icons: Rabbit's foot (amulet) and Rabbit's boots (armor)

    Hello, I'm looking for icon Rabbit's foot (amulet). I think, I saw an amulet somewhere, but I can not remember - where ( I could not find it in the Granny's list. Can anyone help? And if there are boots, similar to the back foot rabbit? ) I would be very grateful.
  8. Cvrtis

    I can't find an autor of tile

    Does somebody know, who made it? I will be very happy, if you let me know.
  9. Cvrtis

    Cvrtis' Resources

    I want to submit some of my tiles. I hope you like it. I will be glad if you will use them. Terms of Use & Credit Credit: Enterbrain, Cvrtis + otherwise noted (for example +Mack means, that I remade or take smth from Mack's tiles). Non-Commercial: free. Commercial: free; in some...

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