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  1. JamesRyan

    I need a small plugin which add a new option to the Options Window

    Currently, I have a plan to implement auto-battle into my game, so I want to add this option into Options Window, right below default "seVolume". When click or press OK on this option, the status changes ON/OFF and also turn certain a switch ON/OFF. It should be in this form: Auto-Battle...
  2. JamesRyan

    Defeated but not Game Over

    We all know that there is an option where we can do stuffs if player is defeated, or win a battle via Battle Processing. However, we cannot do a thing about this in Random Encounter. And what I want to talk about here is a system like most of MMORPGs have: A revival system. I want players to...
  3. JamesRyan

    Open Console after deployment

    I'm about to send my a demo of my game to my friends to test, but I don't want them to get access to my project, as well as my resources inside, so i need to encrypt them via MV deployment. However, i still want to allow my friends to open console to see the logs when an error occurs, so they...
  4. JamesRyan

    A way to check if Party Command window is active

    Is there a command which allows me to check if Party Command window (Fight/Escape) in battle is currently active? Something like ".isPartyCommandActive()"? EDIT: Found a solution by myself by make use of "Scene_Battle.prototype.isAnyInputWindowActive" :D
  5. JamesRyan

    Delay showing main menu commands

    By default, the main menu commands (New Game, Continue, etc) are shown right after the game is launched. However, i want to display some picture layers for players, along with music and force them to watch for a short time before they can see commands and interact with them. It should be like...
  6. JamesRyan

    Restrict skill usage when an enemy in battle has a certain state

    I have been using YEP Skill Core plugin to restrict my actors from casting spells in some certain condition. Now i have a skill which applies a state to an actor, or an enemy. I want to restrict my actor from casting this skill when any member in battle (including actors and enemies) is still...
  7. JamesRyan

    Need an edit of World_A1's whirlpools

    In our World A1 tile, we all have the whirlpools here as animated tile: I just want it to look like a sand whirlpool to use on Outside A2 (Just want to use it as quicksand in the desert): I hope someone here can help me deal with this. Thank you very much.
  8. JamesRyan

    DreamX's Ext Battle Status Core Problem

    I'm using DreamX's Ext Battle Status Core ( as an extension for Yanfly Battle Status Windows ( However, i have encountered a minor issue which is...
  9. JamesRyan

    Plugin to add more commands to End Game Menu

    I only remember that i saw it somewhere. It is able to add more commands to this End Game Menu. I want to implement Continue (or Load Game) below To Title. I can't remember the key word to search or the name of that plugin. Btw, I'm also using Yanfly's Main Menu Manager.
  10. JamesRyan

    Cannot add Continue option to Yanfly's Main Menu Manager

    First of all, here is the plugin: Along with Save option which is already there, i want to implement Load (or Continue) option to let players load their save files without returning to the Title Screen. However, when i tried to do that, i...
  11. JamesRyan

    Terms of Use for the resources on Yurudora site

    I have found this site which full of MV sprites: However, i'm not sure about their terms of use. I did email them long ago, but no reply yet. I want to know if these resources are able to be used in commercial projects.
  12. JamesRyan

    Yanfly's Counter Control problem

    Here is the plugin: It is a good plugin which provides me a better way to setup counter attacks. I'm also using his Battle Engine with 3 Action Sequence Packs to control sideview battlers. However, when a battler/actor gets hit by a skill...
  13. JamesRyan

    AP_GoldItemRate returns a Float value for gold

    Here is the plugin by Alistair: I have an item with <Gold Rate: +15%>, and by default, i receive 107 gold from a monster in battle. So at the end of the battle, the total gold i can receive is 107 * 1.15 = 123.05. The...
  14. JamesRyan

    Return total Crit Multiplier value of an Actor in Yanfly's Critical Control

    First, here is the plugin: What i need from this plugin is a script call to return the total Critical Multiplier value of an actor, like "$". I tried to figure it out myself, but haven't found a way to do this. I...
  15. JamesRyan

    Setup MogHunter's Custom Title Screen and Himawari

    For the plugins, the links are below: - Himawari: - Custom Title Screen (including several plugins): In the introduction video above from Moghunter, he completely hides all...
  16. JamesRyan

    Yanfly's 1.5.0 Action Sequence Pack 2 MOVE POINT broken

    Has anyone here updated this Action Sequence Pack 2 to the latest version (1.12)? The Offset feature in MOVE commands is great, but somehow, i can no longer use MOVE user: POINT, x, y. In an action sequence, whenever i put this command into my skill, everything is running as intended before...
  17. JamesRyan

    Yanfly's Attachable Augments problem

    I have encountered a big issue when using this plugin (Link to it: Most of things worked well until i touched these two note tags "Param: +x%" and "Param: -x%" when setting up the augment items. I'm going in detail for this...
  18. JamesRyan

    Yanfly's Action Sequence Pack 2 MOVE Command

    There is something important that i see this pack is lacking of. It is about MOVE command. As default, Yanfly provides us the following commands: So what do you guys think about this command: MOVE target1: target2, x, y, (frames)? (with x and y is the point starting from target2's position)...
  19. JamesRyan

    Yanfly's Buffs & States Core - Reapply same state to target

    I have a state which expires after 3 turns, then there is a 50% chance that it will automatically be reapplied on the target again. I use this Custom Remove Effect in Yanfly's Buffs & States Core for my state ( When it expires, i can see...
  20. JamesRyan

    Multiple animations simultaneously

    I was using Theolized's Multiple Animation display script in VX Ace. Here is the link: and he said: "Someone just finally found that the maximum number of animation pictures are up to 16 pics at same time. It might...

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