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  1. RTPnightmare

    Character Creation System with Portraits (easy)

    It should work with the and spacebar. You can add WASD movement with a plugin. The transfer events are needed to transport your character to the event which he can activate, I made an example with a non-invisable character. The chicken moves from event to event so that if you push the...
  2. RTPnightmare

    Oh noes! Great god of cat memes help us!!! . . . . . [IMG]

    Oh noes! Great god of cat memes help us!!! . . . . .
  3. RTPnightmare

    Character Creation System with Portraits (easy)

    That is a possibility too, with a little tinkering you can probably make it work. I for my part don't like it. XD Since RM2k I just couldn't use the show picture command and my pictures were somehow always in the wrong place or something else happened. And I just feel like the overview...
  4. RTPnightmare

    Character Creation System with Portraits (easy)

    Thanks =D I'm happy that you like it. I actually started to write a script for this, but I realized that doing this with events is so much easier. And the problem with plugins is that they sometimes don't work with each other the way they're supposed to =\
  5. RTPnightmare

    Character Creation System with Portraits (easy)

    Hey guys, I made an easy way to make a character creation system. I always had trouble using pictures in the Rpg Maker since it was a little complicated getting the pictures where I wanted them to be, so I created something that is easy to use. It's very simple, fast to make and it uses...

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