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  1. AestheticGamer

    Red Haze [STEAM]

    Red Haze Steam Store Page Red Haze - $1.99 USD (5% discount for the first week) Made with RPG Maker MV Current Version: 1.3.1 (February 16th, 2017) Demo Link 1 (GameJolt) Demo Link 2 ( You know, my dear, it isn't safe... To wander and creep while oh so weak. In the abandoned...
  2. AestheticGamer

    Close Your Eyes

    CAUTION: This game contains violent, disturbing, cruel, & graphic content that may not be suitable for all audiences. There isn't a whole lot of gore, there isn't any nudity, but there is disturbing depictions and abstract demonstration. Download 1:
  3. AestheticGamer

    This is a Welcome

    Hey! Oh dear. I admit making this account was a hassle, I've been trying to join the boards since a little over a year ago, kept on having weird errors of emails not sending, validation not being confirmed by admins, and such things in the past, but finally got through and the account has...

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Avery's Advent Calendar Day event has put me in a jolly mood, so I dug through my folders finished up some old generator pieces. Check my Fantasy Generator Expansion -Dwarfs! To see what I dropped.
Anyone else here think that closets are claustrophobic?
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so hopefully tomorrow i get to go home from the hospital i've been here for 5 days already and it's driving me mad. I miss my family like crazy but at least I get to use my own toiletries and my own clothes. My mom is coming to visit soon i can't wait to see her cause i miss her the most. :kaojoy:
Couple hours of work. Might use in my game as a secret find or something. Not sure. Fancy though no? :D

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