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  1. taarna23

    MV Trinity - indexed colours?

    Is there any particular reason graphics in this set are all in indexed (restricted to 256) colour? It seems a very odd choice for something that, especially in tilesets, would otherwise have had a broader range. This limitation is actually visible in some of the tiles, unfortunately.
  2. taarna23

    Steam MV launch issues

    I recently went to start using MV through Steam and found it wouldn't launch. It would sort of just hang, half loaded, steam detecting it, but having to dig deep into Task Manager to find and kill the process. Okay, I thought, whatever. I'll just reinstall. No dice. I'll install the newest beta...
  3. taarna23

    Taarna's backgrounds and related

    Yes, occasionally I make stuff. Mostly because I'm bored. So I figured I may as well share when this happens and maybe they're useful for someone. Some notes: Any source images I work with are CC0 - a highly permissive license and equivalent to Public Domain I don't always remember where stuff...
  4. taarna23

    Move route & event touch

    I have an event on a move route and set on event touch. The issue I'm having that if the player stands still and the event passes over the player but does not trigger unless the player moves. I need it to trigger even if the player is still. Of note, Through is on so that the event can pass...
  5. taarna23

    Working with map data

    Out of all the things that I have wanted to do with a plugin I am developing, it manipulate some map data. Nothing actually big, just loading and coping, really. I've poked around at it and failed spectacularly, so I'm hoping there is someone familiar enough with how MV handles its maps to help...
  6. taarna23

    RPG Maker Tileset Builder - New and Improved!

    New version! Fixes an issue where A3 tilesets could not be saved. Note: The old program had issues running on Windows 10 system that are not used for applications development. I will need feedback to determine if this issue still exists. Introduction The RPG Maker Tileset Builder...
  7. taarna23

    SimpleQuest - A One-Map Challenge

    SimpleQuest A One-Map Challenge Description SimpleQuest is a basic, tropes-y RPG. Leave home, collect cool stuff, make some friends, help your neighbours and don't forget to save the world! However, there's one big twist: the game will all take place on a single map. This will mean...
  8. taarna23

    RM Formatted Resources

    So, a little while back I discovered some wonderful free resources from, and recently I thought, why not make these RPG Maker compatible? So, I've gotten a start on them! I think they're super cute. Progress so far: World tiles MV Tiles: Download all...
  9. taarna23

    $gameVariables.add truncates numbers. Why?

    Game_Variables.prototype.setValue = function(variableId, value) { if (variableId > 0 && variableId < $dataSystem.variables.length) { if (typeof value === 'number') { value = Math.floor(value); } this._data[variableId] = value; this.onChange()...
  10. taarna23

    Using external libraries?

    What's the best way to use an external JS library in MV? I've done it for a plugin for my own use by just adding it as a plugin, but I'd like to know if there's a better way to handle it. It's not very user-friendly that way, really.
  11. taarna23

    Basic MV tiles - One of each "type"

    In redoing my tileset builder program, I find myself in need of a sample selection of MV tiles that I can include with the application. Included tiles are used as a fallback when no folders are configured and help users know the application has not failed in some way. This means they will be...
  12. taarna23

    Revision Control and You - Keeping Your Project Safe

    Revision Control and You : Keeping Your Project Safe Purpose of this Tutorial I’ve decided to write this tutorial out of seeing this increasing need for people to back up their projects. I can’t actually stress this one enough. Back up your projects! At least once a week I see...
  13. taarna23

    MindNode - A way to flow out ideas

    So I found on the Apple Store a new app called MindNode. I like it so far and figured I'd share. Currently (Aug 27, 2016) it's also free as the app of the week.  I started planning out my first town with it and figured it might help people, or at least those that have Apple devices. Here's...
  14. taarna23

    FSM Credits

    When using resources from First Seed Materials, are there particular people that must be credited? If so, is there a list I can reference? I need to cherry-pick a few of these lovely works. I ask because I've noted a few files have a name written on a couple of empty space tiles, but only a...
  15. taarna23

    Dictionary/KeyValuePair in JavaScript?

    Is there something similar to C# and VB.Net's Dictionary or KeyValuePair that is usable in JavaScript for RMMV? Or some other type of data structure where one doesn't need to iterate all values searching for one? I could use an array for what I want to accomplish, but after so many entries, that...
  16. taarna23

    Creating a copy of a map?

    Probably not as easy as I'd like, but I'd like to be able to just create a copy of an existing map. This came about today as a likely problem with my random dungeon runner script as it is - it'll randomly choose a map from the available ones, but what if it chooses the same one twice? Same...
  17. taarna23

    Taarna makes shiny things!

    New stuff! ...after like a year. >.> I'll leave the old stuff here, too. I also got a portable light box. It's a neat plastic thing that unfolds and has an LED strip on a flap at the front and has a couple of nice, big foam backdrops. The issue is I need to cobble together some kind of stands...
  18. taarna23

    Creating an MV-Styled Icon

    Creating an MV-Styled Icon Introduction Welcome! This tutorial is meant to help you to create icons in the same style as the RTP icons. Initially, I had planned to create some icons, but I realized there are so many backgrounds for the MV icons, and so many possible shapes to put on them...
  19. taarna23

    Blank MV Icons

    Hi! Today I'd like to share a set of blank MV icon backgrounds. These cover all the different colours of MV icons, however, I have made no attempt to sort them. Enjoy! Edit: Feel free to check out the tutorial that makes use of these over here!
  20. taarna23

    Interest in a "let's learn programming" group?

    In a couple months or so, when my daughter has free time and/or is done her school year, I am planning to work through a free online course with her and my brother. She specifically wants to learn Java, but it occurred to me that this is also the way I learned in school, and provided a baseline...

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