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  1. Kvothe

    Immersion - [#13/10/2019] - 0.2.4

    Name: Immersion Package Version: 0.2.3 Download: Github (Please, read the '' for instructions!) Page: Here "This is a plugin-package that will allow the RPG Maker MV users to create a more immersive experience for their own game. In which include several tools to make more easy to do...
  2. Kvothe

    What languages do you know or wish to learn?

    Languages for me it's always been a good subject to speak about. I love it. Specially after read the biography about mr. Tolkien. So, I'm pretty curious about everyone here: what laguages do you know already? And... are you seeking to learn some new laguage? Me: I'm a portuguese-brazillian...
  3. Kvothe

    Javascript: Aesthetic and Readable

    I just copy and paste here my article at Medium. Sample code that was used on this article: Github Sometime ago (about 6 months) I started to develop on Javascript. With focus on the engine RPG Maker MV (and creation of stuffs to website), in which I enjoy to create things. So with the...
  4. Kvothe

    Plugin Store 0.1.1

    Created by: Dax Soft (Kvothe) Version: 0.1.1 (for tests) Engine: Rpg Maker MV Download (how to use and tutorial): Plugin Store Need: Haya Core License: MIT Install: After any plugin on your Plugin Manager project. With this plugin you can download or check if is any update of your favorite...
  5. Kvothe

    Photoshop HUD

    Photoshop HUD About: Hi buddies :) My ideia is create a script that allow the user create your own HUD on Photoshop. Export the necessary information with a extension (I have this finished) to Photoshop; a script that create a json file with some basic information about the document. Then, the...
  6. Kvothe


    Name: RPG Maker XP - Movie Version: 0.5.1 Download Terms Instructions: In the script's file has the instruction. It is very easy to do. Having problems with another scripts of reproductions of movies at the project Vorum. I decide to create my own script, to get out of this bugs, huahua. I...
  7. Kvothe

    DSi 0.32

    Name of script: DSi - iDual Screen Requeriments: Ligni Core e Plugin Version at: 0.32, beta, basic Link: DSi How to install: at link or at the video below DSi is about of a script pack that will make your rpg maker game is look like a nintendo DS game. This system is at a basic version. I...
  8. Kvothe

    Ligni Download [Scripter's Tool]

    Author: Dax Soft/Kvothe Download Link: Explanation and samples: on code Allow you download files from web, direct by your rpg maker project. On the way fastest and better. And after all, it is very simple to do it. See a example below. How to...
  9. Kvothe

    Plugin 3.5

    Requeriment: Ligni Core & Ligni Download URL Version: 3.5 Download: Here This script will permit that you can add 'plugins' at your project and update them directly of your project. Quoting from tiagoms about the use of the plugin:
  10. Kvothe

    ULSE - 1.7.0

    Filename: UltimateSensorEvent.js Download: Here Tutorial at Download Link Author : Kvothe/Dax Version : 1.7.0 How to Use: You can see on link to download a example. Inside of the code in '@Help' section there is a simple tutorial as well. License: Haya ** this is the version to MV from ace...
  11. Kvothe

    Custom++ Title [beta]

      Name of the script: Custom++ Title Version: Beta Requirement: all requirements included in the package Download: Aqui Custom++ Title is totally open-source. This script allow you make custom titles.     
  12. Kvothe


      Name: URLDownloadToFile Version: 1.0 Requeried: Dax Core Download: Aqui Allows you transfer a file that is "linked" in the url to another file, i.e, make download an file of internet. Some examples to follow. # Download a picture any.. :vurl =...
  13. Kvothe

    Skyrim Pack v3.0 [22/01/15]

      Name of script: Skyrim Pack Required: Dax Core & Plugin Version: 3.0 Link to Download: Attention this version of the download, it's on the language PT-BR.  Here  Check all image on the link of download too  Packs of scripts who bring the adaptation of UI of the menus of the Skyrim to...
  14. Kvothe

    Event Bar 3.5 [USA]

    Name: Event Bar 3.5 Requered: Dax Core Download: Here  Possible to make/create bars who stay in the head of the events.. Helpful to make bars of life..To system of battle. Simples pictures the following: Example in form of the movie.  
  15. Kvothe

    Ultimate Sensor Event 6.0

    Name: Ultimate Sensor Event Requered: Ligni Core Download: Here All tutorial and whatever, on the link to download System of sensor. Used to make the npc detect your presence — of the player. Very useful to games of the stealth: In that the player must keep your presence hidden, to continue...
  16. Kvothe

    Dax Core i3.5

      Version: i3.5   Download:   Description: The Dax Core it's a big Snippet, that aims to improve the production of Scripts. It's a big tool for developers of Scripts. For now he is not still in English, only in Portuguese of Brazil(my native language)...
  17. Kvothe

    Backup Complete

     Hello people. Well I created one script that way one backup of all default paste of maker. Below follows the script and the instruction of use. Download: Version: 1.0 Required: N/A • To run in normal mode. He's will copy of the files of paste...

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