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  1. LunarFlareStudios

    What if the Rabbids were REAL?!

    I was just watching a longplay of a game my niece and nephew used to play, "Rabbids Go Home". For those who don't know, the object is to collect tons of "stuff" and build a pile to reach the moon. Sounds easy? Nope. There's traps, dogs, huge drops, and VERMINATORS. And to win each level, find an...
  2. LunarFlareStudios

    What are you doing during the pandemic?

    A lot of us are stuck inside during the pandemic, and even if it's giving us more time to work on RPG Maker, there's a chance that's not all we do to keep busy! I love making games, but that's not all I do. My followers may have heard about the game I'm planning called Angel of Justice, but...
  3. LunarFlareStudios

    Rivalry News #1 - You can try this too

    I've been trying to figure out how to make a "test mode" for my game without messing up my current switches and scripts. The reason being I want to have some elaborate images of the gameplay for when my game is officially advertised on this forum. I also wanted to test areas before the game gets...
  4. LunarFlareStudios

    Hello world, it's Minty!

    Hi, I'm Minty! I'm new to MV, but not to the forum. I have had an account here before, but it got hacked so I had to leave it. I was about 12-14 years old back then. Now I'm 20. A few things about me: I love cats! I even have a cat--her name is Baby and she is the sweetest thing ever. She was...

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